Opening & Closing Days

We can’t wait to see you!

Please refer to the Dates & Rates page for the correct Opening and Closing dates for your child’s session.

Opening Day

Opening Day is so exciting at camp! Camper arrival time is between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. After parking and having your larger, heavier bags taken to the cabin, (you will carry the smaller items), you and your child will check in at the office to learn who your counselors will be and to meet the Head Counselor. Remember to pack any medications separately because you will turn these in at your next stop, the Heath Hut. All campers must check in at the Health Hut, and then it’s off to the cabin to meet your new friends. You and your child will meet his or her counselors and s/he will choose a bunk upon arrival. Lunch for campers is served between 12:00 – 1:00 pm. Our experience has shown that a shorter good-bye is easier for you and your child. It is fine to let your camper and counselors unpack and make the bed which provides time for them to get to know each other or you and your child can do this together. It is helpful for the camper to help unpack and organize his or her things so that s/he can find them again once the session is underway!

Closing Day

Please note the exact day your child’s camp session closes. We do not have a visitor’s day during camp but encourage you to join us on Closing Day when your child can share their camp experience with you, show you around camp, and you can participate in our closing program. The following is the closing day schedule for Main Camp and Older Programs:

Main Camp: 9:30 – 10:15 – Arrival at camp; 10:30 – Friendship Circle in Cabin; 11:00 – Closing Program in Lodge; 12:00 – Optional Buffet Lunch – No reservations are necessary (adult $5, children $3, campers free)

C1 families should note that during the closing of C1, we do not have a closing program in the lodge, nor offer lunch for our families.

Older Program: 9:30-10:15 – Arrival at camp; 10:30 – Closing Program; 12:00 – Optional Buffet Lunch – No reservations are necessary (adult $5, children $3, campers free)

We ask that no gratuities be extended to the counselors or to any staff members.

Visiting Camp Before Attendance

If your child has never been to Gwynn Valley, a visit prior to attendance can be helpful in his/her adjustment to camp. Some apprehensions can be dispelled by seeing first-hand what the cabins, dining room, showers, and bathrooms look like. On Opening Day, your child will be coming back to a more familiar place. You are welcome to visit anytime, just Schedule a Tour.

Open House

On the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, we offer an open house for new campers which includes a tour, question/answer time, and games for the campers. Please arrive at 2:00 pm; the visit will last about 2 hours. Please call our office (828-885-2900) or e-mail shelley@gwynnvalley.com to RSVP.

Kate is our great delight and our only, so it is hard for us to see her leave childhood behind. I cannot think of a better place to make the transition than at Gwynn Valley, among trusted friends and staff.