Healthcare Information

A Strong Medical Team

Each session, we have a strong medical team, consisting of two nurses and a physician who live on site and take care of our campers’ medical needs and medication management. Our Health Hut has recuperation/isolation beds, bathrooms, an examination area, secure medication storage, and housing for the nurses. The physician sees campers after meals and wears a radio so as to be reached at other times as needed. Our Staff Training contains components to teach staff safety and injury-prevention strategies and the majority of our counselors are certified in 1st Aid and CPR.


The health-care team will call you if your child is prescribed medication while at camp, has to spend the night in the Health Hut, or whenever they deem a matter “significant.” Any use of medical consultants / diagnostic testing will be discussed with you prior to (if possible) and after visits. Health personnel are available on closing day for discussion of any health matters which may have occurred. Please stop by the Health Hut with any concerns.

Health Forms

We do require several forms to be completed in order to gather the necessary information to care for your child. These forms collect information about the camper’s health history, signatures to consent for treatment, insurance information, immunizations, and a physical exam. The Health History form, completed by the parent or guardian, is due by April 1. Physical exams must have been completed within 24 months of camp and are due by May 1.  Access forms by logging in to your account after your camper is enrolled.

Medication Information & Requirements

Packing Medications

All medications and vitamins must be left with the health care team as part of the check-in procedure on Opening Day.  Please bring medications in a zip lock bag with the camper’s name on it.  Campers are not allowed to have medication in their cabins.  In some cases, inhalers, topical medications, or epi-pens may be exceptions to this rule, if deemed appropriate by the camp physician.  Medications must be in the original package with a prescription label.

Over-the-Counter Medications

All over-the-counter (OTC) medications including vitamins that need to be administered daily will need a note from your child’s physician or licensed medical provider for our medical staff to be able to dispense and administer. There is a space on the Physician’s Exam Form where your physician can list this medication or s/he may turn in a signed note prescribing the OTC medication. These must also be in the original container with your child’s first and last name on it. Do not send gummies as they melt into the blister packaging we use to dispense medications.  Please remember we stock our Health Hut with all necessary OTC medicines so if your child needs a medication PRN, our medical team will have it on hand to administer.

Medication Administration Times

Camp provides a lot of structure for children and we have certain times we administer medications:

Before Breakfast / Before Lunch / Before Dinner / Before Bed

Whenever possible, it is important that we administer medications before meals to keep with the structure of our camp day. Nightly medications such as growth hormones or melatonin can be given right before campers return to their cabin for the night.

It is very important that you update any medication changes or time to administer on your child’s health form before opening day. This will help us avoid a backup with our staggered opening. Thank you for your help with this!

Lice Checks

Heads Up Asheville, a professional lice company will be performing lice checks on Opening Day. Please be sure to check your child’s head before camp for lice and treat if need be. There is a $250 fee for Heads Up to treat a camper upon arrival.

Special Health Needs

Parents who have a camper with special health or behavioral concerns should discuss these needs with a director before enrolling their child to help ensure a healthy and positive camp experience for them. Important information will be shared with your child’s counselors and head counselor to help your child meet with success.

Food Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

With our emphasis on healthy, well-balanced meals, children are able to try new or different foods in the dining room and on cook-outs. If, for medical or religious reasons, your child requires a specific diet, please communicate this prior to enrolling and be sure to list it on the health form. With advance communication, we can work with you to determine what we can accommodate and what you may need to supplement. We ask that your child stick with their dietary needs for the whole time they are at camp, and not change partway through, or choose when they want to have that diet.


Almost all medical situations which arise while your child is at camp are handled on-site at the Health Hut at no additional cost to you. More advanced diagnostic testing or subspecialty consultations, when needed, are easily accessed in the Brevard/Hendersonville/Asheville area, using your family’s health insurance. Prescription medications are selected with cost awareness and will be added to your camp store bill.  As mentioned in the Lice Checks section above, there is a $250 fee for Heads UP to treat a camper if they determine a camper has lice on Opening Day.

Hygiene at Camp

Good hygiene is essential at camp and helps to keep our community healthy. Washing one’s hands well is a key to good hygiene so we would encourage you to talk to your child before coming to camp about washing hands thoroughly with soap and water. We train our staff in this process and teach them proper hand washing techniques so that they can supervise the children when washing their hands. Teaching children to sing the ABC song or the Happy Birthday song twice while washing hands helps them take enough time to wash thoroughly. Camp has large hand washing sinks (troughs) outside of our dining room where all children and staff must wash hands before eating. There are hand washing sinks at the stables, the Farm, and in various locations around camp.

The Farm

The Farm is a very magical and educational part of our program. We grow approximately 20,000 lbs. of vegetables each year and have a variety of farm animals. When working with animals, it is extremely important for children and staff to wash hands before and after working with the animals to help prevent the spread of illness. Hand to mouth contact with animal manure can cause illnesses such as cryptosporidium, salmonella, etc., therefore, our Farm Rules require children and staff to wash hands before and after working with any animals. We encourage you to speak to your child to help educate him/her about these risks and to encourage good hand washing procedures anytime they visit a farm or petting zoo.


Each area of camp has its own shower house. If your child is accustomed to only taking baths, please have them practice showering and washing their own hair independently before attending camp. We ask our campers to shower at least every other day at camp.

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