Cabin Life

Life at camp starts with friends made in the cabin

We have campers who come back year after year in order to see the friends they have made while at camp and to take part in our wonderful array of activities. Campers are placed  in cabins based on their age and grade level. There are two sides to main camp, Hillside and Brookside. Hillside is where the younger campers live, while Brookside is slightly older. Hillside cabins all have bathrooms with toilets and sinks inside the cabin, while the Brookside bathrooms are a short walk away. Shower houses are a short walk from the cabins. The number of campers ranges between the two sides of main camp as well. Hillside cabins have 8 campers, while Brookside cabins can have 8-10 campers. Each cabin, on both Hillside and Brookside has 2 counselors and many times either an Intern or Staff in Training.

Our cabins are screened in with similar designs. There are between 4-5 bunk beds per cabin, along with single beds for the counselors and intern or SIT. The screens provide the maximum amount of air flow to keep your cabin cool in the summer.  Cabins are clustered around the edges of Main Camp and have a beautiful setting in our outdoor environment.

Cabin Placement

Children are placed in cabin groups according to their grade in school and age. Parents are encouraged to provide other suggestions regarding social and physical maturity so that a proper placement is made.  Sometimes a cabin group is all one grade; other times it is a mixture of two grades, allowing for some flexibility of placement.  It is ideal for most children to come to camp without any friends from home because the campers can then be individuals without someone else defining who they are.  Also, they are completely free to make new friends and to learn the most from the diverse community at camp.

However, we recognize that some campers may need the security of knowing that someone will be there who they already know or want to be with, such as a friend, cousin, or sibling; therefore, requests for placement with a friend are considered. We do our best to place the two together providing both families have made the request. The request must be put on the application or be received in writing before May 1. When there is a cluster of friends from the same town, the process becomes complicated. In these cases we need your help to establish which campers can best be paired together.  It is very important that you discuss these matters with your child and his/her friend’s family, so as to avoid any potential conflict.  Please communicate clearly your wishes and then allow for some flexibility, as we attempt to satisfy everyone within the confines of what is best for each child.

To ensure that your request is noted, please put it on the application which is consulted carefully in the placement process.  If changes occur after you submit the application, you may log in to your Camp in Touch account and change or add your request. Anne Bullard, Director, will make the final decision in the cabin placement process.

Whether a child is on the Hillside or Brookside section of camp depends on the grade completed in school, camp experience, and ages of campers in that session.

Cabin Life

“Thank you all for caring so well for all the kids – the natural connection and digital disconnect is so critical to development, independence and overall well being. We are truly grateful for Gwynn Valley Camp. We miss our kids, but they return truly transformed.”