Access Photos

Worth a thousand words

In this day and age technology enables us to access photos almost instantaneously and it sure is nice to be able to see photos of camp and the faces of your children while they are away from you.

To access photos you must login.

A Glimpse of daily activity

We have several photographers who take photos of campers every day during the summer.  While we do our best to capture everyone, our goal is to provide a glimpse into the daily activity at camp, not capture a picture of each individual camper.  A picture can tell you a lot, but it is also just a snapshot of a moment and really doesn’t provide an accurate portrayal of the camper’s overall experience.

Privacy Protected

We post our daily photos through our password protected camp account database system.  You can login through your camp account. Only those who have login information can access these photos.   All photos that appear in this system will remain there in the future.  They are organized by year and each day has it’s own folder.


We load photos daily for Main Camp and as often as possible for our older programs.  You can mark your favorite pictures, email any photo or share it on social media for free.  You can also purchase a hi-res download, purchase prints, or purchase other photo gifts.  Once you purchase a photo for download, you can download the photo as many times as you’d like.  Please note: photos will download to your download folder.

We do our best to capture those precious moments of children making memories.

“It was my privilege to work for people with the mindset [Anne and Grant] share; everything I have learned at Gwynn Valley, I plan to share and spread wherever I go.”