Opening Day Session E

Dear Parents & Friends,

We hope you all had a safe trip home or to another destination if you were going elsewhere.  Many of you were here this morning when the electricity went off and one our transformers blew on the Hillside.  Our power was off until 5:00 this afternoon and only through quick thinking and a resourceful staff were we able to have our traditional mac and cheese dinner tonight with the giant cookie for dessert.  I was out most of the day calling the power company and checking with the workmen as well as  pacing back forth waiting for the power to come back on.  I do know that all activities went off without a hitch.  One young man said, “Camp is the only place where life goes on even without electricity.”  I like that attitude!

We had a very smooth opening this morning and went right into our afternoon activities after sign-ups.  Traditionally on opening day all the campers do a swim test which happened and it’s also a great way to begin cabin bonding.  Our head counselors are at the pool and in the dining room to help spot that camper that may be having a little homesickness.  No major cases at this point.  Children participated in a variety of activities today including the following:  Web of Life/Outdoor Living Skills, Pioneer Crafts, Texture Crafts, Fine Arts, Farm, Swimming, Kayaking, Horses, Climbing, Sports, The Mill, and of course after supper acitivities.  We also had sign-ups for the week which provide a chance for the children to sign up for two activities they will take 3 days this week that last until Sat.  Each camper will have two activities each morning M, W, F, and T, TH, Sat for a total of 4. In the afternoons we’ll have signups that allows anyone to join and the activities will be different each day.  Morning is for building skills and afternoons for trying many new things.  From today’s pictures you’ll notice campers swimming on the blue lily pad, kayaking, molding clay, playing B-ball, riding horses and many other things.

Every cabin will also go on a campout this session so we’ll keep you posted on those.  Tonight’s campfire was Introductory Skits which allows each cabin to introduce themselves to the whole camp on the first or second night.  We had some great skits by SunRise, Playhouse, Chipmunk Hut, Rosebay, 7th Heaven, Shady Grove, and Connestee Cove.  The rest of the crew will be tomorrow night.  Skits are always a mixed bag of music, acting, comedy (lots of it) and one cabin trying to outdo the other (keep in mind were non-competitive here at GV).

Many of your children are new campers to GV this session and we have a very young camp overall.  We’re glad you chose the best camp ever to attend here in beautiful western NC.  Camp is such a great way to be away from home make some decisions on your own and stretch yourself a little without mom and dad being there.  Camp parents (counselors) are different in the children’s minds but we’re all on the same page as far as our goals for what we hope for your children.

Children and youth need a community that:  encourages achievement and builds self-esteem; promotes healthy lifestyles, fitness, and activity; receives instruction in a classroom without walls; instills appreciation, respect, and responsibility for the natural world around them; and inspires the confidence and courage to become the leaders of tomorrow and solid citizens.  We thank you for the above opportunities and many more as we get off to a great start with our campers for E Session.  Stay tuned!