Opening Day Session D!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Opening Day was the best.  Beautiful weather, great kids and smooth arrivals.  Hope you all had a safe trip home.  As I write I’m sure most everyone is snuggled down in their camp beds after a very full day filled the anticipation of returning to camp or coming for the first time.  Gwynn Valley makes everyone feel welcome no matter your experience.  For dinner we had camper friendly mac and cheese, fruit, bean salad, watermelon, regular salad and fresh bread.  To top it off we had a giant cookie with their cabin name in written in icing.  After a full day of travel, arriving at camp and activities this afternoon, some of the children were literally falling asleep at the table.  It’s a full day here at camp.

You’ll notice there are a few pics of Riverside on the site tonight.  They will take off on Tues. so we’re trying to capture some photos before they hit the climbing adventure in Linville Gorge.  You’ll also see some photos of Mountainside from today’s goings on at camp.  They begin their mini-adventures tomorrow.  Lots of group games and initiatives today were happening for Riverside & Mountainside.  It’s a good way to help with bonding and the group dynamics aspect with both those programs.  What a great crew of campers in both programs and coupled with a great staff should make for a super session.    All Main Camp activities were running full steam ahead today complete with all the camp having their swim assessments.  It takes a while to get through all those but it’s worth it and allows us to determine which campers need some help with their strokes.  We also held skits after lunch to help campers decide what they wanted to take over the days ahead for their morning activities.  This too is very important because there is so much offered in the morning and in the afternoon.

Tonight we held the first night of Cabin Skits when every cabin introduces themselves to the whole camp through skits and songs.  They were original, fun and musical.  The last this evening was Raines Cove boys who played out the whole Star Wars theme in several acts.  It went on for a long time but well worth the time.  The special effects were almost as good as the real thing and the acting was superb.  We’ll finish up the skits at tomorrow night’s campfire.

As morning activities kick off tomorrow know that your children are learning and “living the dream” as one camper described it from last session.  Camp takes children to a new level of community life that even school and family can’t always imitate.  Campers have a chance to make choices and become independent in their life with us.  It creates a sense of confidence and self.  Camp also offers a sense of belonging to something that is greater than oneself where we still practice the GV values of simplicity, acceptance, and a strong connection to the natural world.  We’re looking forward to a session of the simple joys of childhood for the days ahead.  Stay tuned!