Opening Day of Camp 2021

Girls Jumping in Lake

Dear Parents and Friends,

Wow! We have been waiting two long years for today and what a great day it was at GV!  Opening day for the summer was beautiful, not too hot with a cool breeze blowing and blue sky. It was so joyful to have so many children and teenagers enjoying being together, learning, and playing outside and so much laughter!  It’s been a hard 15 months for all of us so to see kids being able to be in community and gain independence as they spend time away from home was so uplifting. 


Our first day was full and we didn’t waste any time getting into program after counselors helped their campers make their beds and unpack.  After a picnic lunch, cabin groups enjoyed activities this afternoon, visiting the Farm, riding horses, doing archery, and many other fun activities, including swim assessments for all. Mountainside started their minis with their cabins, climbing, paddling on the lake, hiking, practicing earth skills, and mountain biking. Riverside was at the climbing wall preparing for their four day adventure tomorrow, and Young Leaders are presently out on an evening hike to the wishing tree. You will have to ask them about it when they return home. It was a day of simple joys, lots of laughter, and friendships being built. 

Camper with Bullseye

We played some more after dinner and then gathered for evening program outdoors. It was so wonderful to see the cabin groups gathered on the green in their friendship circles, talking about the day, friendships, and camp. We looked out to the mountains, watched the sunset, and headed off our cabins for a good night’s sleep.

Cabin Group

I want to thank you all for sending us this group of great campers.  We’re excited to have them and know that camp does a world of good for children.  I was talking to a parent today about the benefits of being outdoors.  There is so much conclusive evidence that learning in the outdoor environment is so good for children and most of us.  Sending a child to summer camp is good for children’s brains and promotes independence, confidence, friendship-building, resilience, character and grit, according to Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, co-author of “The Whole-Brain Child”.  As electronic devices have become a greater part of our lives these past 15 months, the need for fresh air and play is increasingly important.  In the book, “The Second Machine Age” MIT’s Eirk Brynjolfsson points out that technology is replacing skills now as children are spending more and more time with screens.  Creativity and innovation are becoming competitive advantages in a machine-oriented world, because machines can’t be creative themselves.  I feel that camp provides that “unplug to truly connect” to one another, our natural world and a sense of self away from parents and the culture of abundance.  At GV we emphasize the “simple joys” of childhood, we honor unstructured free play and time for the creative and imaginative mind to roam free.  

Campers with Horse

We’re aiming high and look forward to the days ahead as we get to know your children.  Thanks again for sharing them and stay tuned! 

We can’t wait for tomorrow!