Opening Day “A Session”!

Dear Parents and Friends,

We hope that you’ve either had a safe journey home or at another destination of your choice and relaxing on this Sat. night.  What a great opening day we’ve had.  We just finished our campfire for the evening with some Tajar Tales and just getting to know one another a little better.  Dinner was amazing with pasta and marinara sauce along with fresh salad from the garden, broccoli from the garden, fresh baked bread sticks and of course our opening night dessert of a giant cookie for each cabin (chocolate chip no less).  What a bonus eating in our brand new dining room and this was our first meal with everyone together in the our new facility.  Just after lunch today, we went to our Lodge to learn about the many activities you can sign up for during the session.  Those will start tomorrow morning and we’ll be off and running on our regular schedule.  Today we ran activities all afternoon to spark that fire and keep the momentum going after arrivals.  Climbing, Swimming, Fine Arts, Crafts, Mill, Tie-Dye, Pottery, Horses, and Lake Fun were all filled by your sons and daughters on Main Camp getting their camp legs and a taste of more to come.  Mountainside and Riverside did their own games and activities this afternoon and soon they will begin their adventures taking to the rivers, rocks, trails and single track that beckons their adventurous spirit.  Our Young Leaders group and SIT’s also spent a day doing some storming, forming and norming as they got to know what was ahead for them.  Both groups were in our field that has a wonderful view of our Pisgah range.  The silhouette of the mountains is a reminder of our long days here at camp that are full of wonder, discovery, new challenges and the many chances to expand ones world while here.

As stated above, campers came to the Lodge just after lunch to sing and learn about all the program offerings available.  After many activity skits there was some time to reflect on what they wanted to sign up for.  They chose six activities and will end up with four for the week ahead.   These are called Discovery’s and you will have two each morning every other day.  In the afternoon campers chose each day what they would like to tackle in the PM.  The choices are endless and each day there are different offerings.  We also spent time today getting all campers swim assessed.  It’s important to know their skill level in the water so we can teach them if they are not good swimmers and which activities require better skills.

I made my way to the Farm, Horses, Pottery, Swimming, Climbing, Archery, Crafts, Riverside and Mountainside to check in with our staff and new campers.  I’m a MD at camp (Mobile Director) and try to get around to each activity every other day.  It helps to keep my pulse on the program and as well as take a long a camera for video and pictures.   Riverside will be heading out early tomorrow morning and Mountainside will be starting their mini-adventures here at camp.  Riversider’s will be going to Tennessee for their climbing component to a place called Foster Falls.  It’s well known to our staff and we’ve been using it for about 5 years.  They were in “ground school” this afternoon to learn and relearn their climbing knots, how to tie into a harness and climbing commands for their 4 day trip.  Lots of teaching by staff and everyone was helping one another to gain those skills for the days ahead.

No matter what program your child or children are in, thank you for sending us this great group of camper’s.  We’re excited to have them and know that camp does a world of good for children.  Camp is such a great experience and helps in forming some of those necessary skills we use throughout life.  Being outdoors is so good for our brains getting away from technology helps to develop and get back some basic and simple skills that we’re slowly losing.  We come to camp to “unplug to connect” with one another and our incredible natural environs.  Camp helps to develop a sense of self without parents in what we call the simple joys of childhood. Camp reveals so much each day and opportunities abound. Guided by a mature staff makes it even more worthwhile.  We’re aiming high for the days ahead as we get to know your children.  Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

Cabin Aching Legs