Only the Beginning!

Dear Parents & Friends,

Happy 4th of July and hope you all are enjoying your time off today.  Our day started with a bit of history as Paul Revere charged through camp warning us that the British were coming.  Actually they’ve been here all summer and this time they are our allies.  We have about 15 staff from merry ole England. After that blip on the history timeline we also traveled back to the Boston Tea Party which was reenacted right on the Gwynn Valley lake.  Then without a hitch Lewis and Clark along with Sacajawea emerged from the woods and walked right through all of our campers off toward their western destinations.

We held our first morning of Discoveries and everyone was starting to work on skills in a number of activities that were offered.   The Discoveries are as follows:  Farm/Mill, Soccer, Stand Up Paddleboards, Archery, Creek Hiking, Horses, Climbing, Wizard of Oz production, Weaving, Batik, Gourd Art, Needle Point, The Great Tajar Challenge, Mountain Biking, Pottery, Whitewater Kayaks, Camping Skills, and Nature.  Many of these activities are offered in a different form each afternoon as well.

Just after morning activities France gave us Miss Liberty who made to our shores and stood stately as folks came into the dining room.  Lunch today was out of this world.  The kitchen outdid themselves with a Texas Style smoked brisket, corn and beans from the garden, scalloped potatoes, fresh fruit, and a great sauce that could be used on about anything.  There was more of the same tonight for dinner with a meal straight out of the south – Jambalaya using camp’s poultry,  southern tomatoes and cucumber salad and green salad all from the garden.  At the end of the meal the kitchen staff came out with a King Cake for each table as we listened to Louis Armstrong on the PA.  Normally we have burgers and fries for the 4th, but I’m not complaining at all.

After dinner tonight there was a pie eating contest (counselor’s only and I can’t imagine having to eat pie after such a delicious dinner).  The camper’s loved it and it’s been a tradition for several years.  Post pie was an introduction of famous women in our history starting in the 1700’s right through today.  After that there was an American Parade of Celebrities and then a small carnival on the Green just outside the Lodge.  Fireworks were offered up after dark by our Team Maintenance crew and they did a heck of a job.  Campers and staff sit on the far side of the lake and most if not all fireworks reflect off the water from the sky.  It’s a nice time of the evening after a hot day and by that time everyone is ready to cool down and enjoy the show in the sky.  Most of our younger campers come to the fireworks in their PJ’s.

There is also a short video clip of my wanderings throughout the day today as I hit many activities this morning.  It’s just a sampler of visiting the farm, mill, arts and crafts, the climbing wall and ropes course and several other activities in camp.  Just click on the link below.  My day takes me out amongst your children.  I want to make sure they are having a great time at camp and experiencing the simple joys of life at camp.

Only the Beginning!

As we celebrate our freedom I also want give thanks for the many blessings we have as a free nation.  When we are at our best, we have rigorous and often heated debates over politics and policies. We espouse and we listen to differing views on immigration, economics, or faith. And hopefully we agree to disagree with one another based on our own personal beliefs.  Let us remember to recognize our own flaws as individuals and to treat others as we would like to be treated.  I give thanks for having so much in our nation of plenty and the opportunity to work with your children.  I’m also reminded of those near and far who don’t have the privileges and lives that we have.   Again, Happy 4th and stay tuned!