No News Is Good News!

Dear Parents and Friends,

I’m sorry we didn’t get any video up today.  I just returned from a river trip with Mountainside and I’m just eating dinner at 9:30.  I’ll upload some video escapades from today’s paddling trip tomorrow.  I did have time to upload quite a few pictures taken today from the trip, so if you’re a Mountainside parent, go to the Aug. 11 page and check them out.  We had an excellent day.  You should be seeing more photos from Mountainside and Riverside as they both come in tomorrow.

Zippp pa dee do da!

I’m going to be brief on my news tonight but from all indications it was another great GV day here at camp.  I can’t believe we only have two days left in the session and actually for the summer.  Staff are sad that the summer is ending but knowing that we’ve had an outstanding summer is wonderful.

I’ll see you all here tomorrow, so stay tuned!