Ninjas and the Giant Chicken

Dear Parents & Friends,

It’s been a perfect camp day here today.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  Sunny, bright and full of light with nary a cloud in the sky, well maybe a couple here and there.  We had signups for the whole day today so everyone got to choose 4 activities.  Stick weaving has hit GV.  It’s all the rage in the A&C’s arena and you’ll see a few photos from that activity this morning.  The Main Camp Bikers went to Dupont this morning and rode Jim Branch and Ridge Line Trail which is a roller coaster on the way down.  It’s pretty much uphill all the way to the top and downhill all the way home.  Another caveat near the top is a small play park with skinny’s to ride, a teeter totter, and a pump track.  The kids had a blast and it’s one of my favorite trails to ride.  They’ve just rebuilt Ridge Line and it’s as good as ever.  The trail slices through mostly a pine and hardwood forest dropping gradually for a couple of miles with lots of undulations much like a coaster ride.  You’re pretty much off your saddle the whole time in the attack position.

One Happy Biker Dude at Dupont State Forest

I just want to know why a giant chicken is running around loose at camp.  I usually know everything that’s happening at GV and I was a bit surprised to find the chicken running down the camp road next to the lake today.  I called out to it in my best chicken voice but no response.  It could have been related a visit from the Ninjas this morning in Cabin Echo.  Several sessions ago, Echo adopted a camper named Pablo, who leaves notes for the boys and is hiding in Echo from the Ninjas.  When I arrived the other day to hold an Open House in the cabin, the boys were conducting a Ninja Drill.  Evidently this morning, Pablo was kidnapped and just as the boys were waking up at the 8AM bell.  Two Ninjas entered the cabin with squirt guns and took Pablo.  We had the same thing happen last session so the boys set a trap for the Ninjas and we got Pablo back.  I suspect that the same thing will happen this session before it’s over.  There’s nothing like a little adventure and mystery in one’s life to keep things interesting and mostly fun.  Echo is pumped and ready to roll.

Hope you got to see some cabin photos that went up last night.  We will be taking more tomorrow and will get them all by the end of the week.  It’s a lot of folks to take pictures of and I don’t think I could ever be a photographer.  It usually takes 2 people plus staff in the cabin to maintain and get the campers arranged so everyone can be seen.  One cabin last night had about 25 shots taken to get one picture.  Our photo guys are doing a great job!  If you see them on closing day please let them know they are appreciated.  Some of the photos tonight are of Mountainside campers and the photos are in the Main Camp portion of the website.  We’ll get that straightened out tomorrow.

Hey, it turns out that Chicken was really one of our SIT’s at camp.  Those SIT’s are good sports and really are a hard working bunch.  They spend a lot of time doing some of the grunt work in the kitchen and dining room as well as working in program and learning from the activity leaders.  We hope all of them will one day be full staff and working with future GVer’s.  Some of the SIT’s were helping at the Farm today where literally hundreds of carrots were dug.  I love fresh carrots and tonight with dinner, we had sautéed carrots and fresh squash.  There was also spaghetti as well as fresh peaches and cucumber and tomato salad and cookies for desert.  Conversation at the table consisted of overeating and how easy it is at camp.  The food is so good.  We all switched tables today and I hated to lose my old table but my new one is excellent as well.  I’m looking forward to getting to know a brand new batch of campers.  There’s always something new and different everyday at Gywnn Valley.  Stay tuned!