Camp News

“There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” The Wind in the Willows

Dear Parents and Friends, It is a beautiful sunset here tonight and as you can guess that made for a great day.  I must admit I wasn’t here much today because of going out with the Main Camp Kayakers on the Green River.  We got home about 6:30 but they saved us lots of dinner […]

A Special Day inspired by Dr. Seuss!

Dear Parents & Friends, Every Sunday at camp, when it’s not an opening day, is “Special Day” and today was truly  special!  The theme today was Dr. Seuss. Campers moved around camp participating in different activity stations with their cabin groups. Each station was inspired by a different book and brought to life by our counselors. […]

The Gold Rush Comes to Gwynn Valley and Saves Us!

Dear Parents & Friends, Here we are at the end of another great  and action packed day at Gwynn Valley! Main Camp is getting into a rhythm again as C2 campers settle into the flow of camp. We are well into Discovery’s, which means that campers are gaining skills in each morning activity.  As I […]

River, Fire, Heat, Crafts, Attack Position and Ending With Winn Dixie!

Dear Parents & Friends, As the mist on the mountains settles into our view the sun has faded and evening is here.  It’s cool now after a thundershower, again during dinner tonight and just before campfire. Good timing! It was a hot day here and I managed to escape some of that by being out […]

Farm Campfire and a Beautiful Day!

Dear Parents and Families, It was a hot and sunny day here today and we began with clear blue skies without our usual morning fog that sets into the French Broad Valley on normal days.  No rain came until dinner time and lasted through the meal and was gone by the time after supper activities […]

Opening Day of C-2, Riverside Returns and More!

Dear Parents & Friends, We welcomed our new campers for C-2 today and got off to a rousing start to begin that session. For those of you that dropped off your children today, I hope that you’re safe and sound and at your destination. You were shown to your cabins today by our SIT’s and […]

C Session, Mountainside and Riverside Marches On!

Dear Parents & Friends, As our C-1 session campers left today we still have our C session campers rolling right along and having signups all day today.  Mountainside started their training days today to get ready for adventures next week.  They chose their adventures a couple of nights ago and each group is using this […]

C-1er’s We Will Miss You and What a Last Great Day!

Dear Parents & Friends, It was a brilliant day at camp as we wound down in our C-1 Session.  Trips out of camp today were great and the campers took advantage of our warm and clear weather to bike, climb, and paddle.  I went out with the Kayakers to the French Broad this morning.  We […]

It Was Indeed a “Special Day”!

Dear Parents & Friends, What a day we’ve had…. hot and beautiful weather with a breeze all day long and big puffy clouds filling our exceptional view of the mountains.  Every Sunday at camp, when it’s not an opening day, is “Special Day” and it was truly  special.  The theme today was Disney and it’s […]

Hummingbirds, Cake & Appalachian Entertainment!

Dear Parents and Friends, Every day at Gwynn Valley is truly an adventure. When you wake up in the morning, you have an idea about where the day will take you, but you never really know what will unfold as the hours roll on. Today, was one of those days full of magical surprises. At the […]