New Video and Transitioning into Fall

Fall is officially here in our western North Carolina mountains.  I’m never glad to see summer pass because I love the warm weather.  It always takes me several days to get used to wearing long pants and jackets.  The other night I found myself at a soccer game and feeling like I needed to be sitting on one of those bench heaters they use up in Green Bay during football season.  Leaves are just starting to turn with the dogwoods leading the charge.  We had a very wet September and usually October is a dryer month.  All equipment is put away, water is being turned off and off season projects are well under way.

We’re getting lots of applications and today we’re going through the applications for Riverside.  For those of you new to Gwynn Valley, Riverside is our oldest girls and boys camp program.  They participate in rock climbing, backpacking and whitewater canoeing over the three week session they are here.   All of these activities and more can be experienced in our Main Camp and Mountainside programs.  Check out the web site under camp “Activities” to learn more.  In the next couple of weeks we’ll be heading out to start our annual promo tour.  Look for a card that will come in the mail to announce a show in your area or go to the “News” page and click on “Travel Schedule”.  Even if you’ve been to camp before we would love to have you join us at one of our home shows.  We’ll have a new camp video to show that is being completed this weekend.  Along with it will be all the summer slide shows from the end of each session.  Come to one of our shows and bring a friend.  We would love to see you there!

Find your counselor and be the first to email me ( with their full name, and cabin to win a GV T-shirt!

Find your counselor and be the first to email me ( with their full name, and cabin to win a GV T-shirt!


If you are reading the camp news for the first time there’s more in our archives.  You might also check out the camp map that was completed last spring.  It’s a new look at Gwynn Valley through the eyes of our nephew, Chad Rush, who lives and works in NYC.  He’s a rendering artist and knows Gwynn Valley quite well because he and wife were married here.  We’re in the process of reprinting our brochure this fall so Chad’s map will also be a part of the new brochure.

Fall is a good time for changes and we hope that you and your family are transitioning into the next season with some positive changes.  Good things and simple joys for campers happen right here each summer at Gwynn Valley in Brevard, North Carolina.   Stay tuned!