New Gwynn Valley Video!

Dear Camper Families & Friends,
Greetings from Gwynn Valley! Fall is nipping at our heels, and the cool evenings are causing the leaves around camp to turn yellow and red. Soon the mountains around us will be blazing with color. Though this time of year is beautiful and peaceful, we miss having a full camp. Many camper and staff applications have already come in, and we are staying busy preparing for the 2016 summer.
Thanks again to our campers and staff for making 2015 a super summer!  Summertime is full with so much happening over the course of each day.  We do our best to capture our days through photography, which you parents were able to view each evening. We also capture a good bit of video each summer for our session highlights. We’ll be sharing the highlights on our fall and winter promotional tour, so please come to a show in your area to look for yourself or your camper on film.  Come as a family to share your experiences with prospective families, or better yet bring along a friend who might enjoy learning more about Gwynn Valley.
After several years of utilizing the same promotional video footage with a few updates each year, we decided to start from scratch this past spring and produce a brand new camp video. After looking around we went with some folks right here in Brevard. Real Digital Productions has been making videos for years, but this summer they made their entrance into the world of camp videos. They certainly brought a fresh perspective, and we are so excited to share this with you! They did an outstanding job of capturing the heart of Gwynn Valley. You’ll notice as you watch that there are no adult voices in the video, though some of our SITs do sound like they could be in their 20s! All the speakers are campers or SITs (Staff in Training) who are telling you about their experiences at camp and how these experiences have impacted them. The video has a really authentic feel and we know you’re going to love it!
Watch and enjoy!

GV Promo 2016 from Gwynn Valley on Vimeo.