New Arrival, Recycling and Happy Holidays!

Campers, Parents and Friends,

Last week we had a new arrival at the stable; a new horse named Frost.  He came from the Winston-Salem area and belonged to one of our former campers who is going off to school next year and will not have time to work with her horse while in college.  She and her parents knew that camp would be a good home with lots of contact with other horses and more importantly lots of children.  When Frost arrived, the other horses raced around the pasture and took a few minutes to check out the new kid on the block and then they all raced around the pasture together.  It was almost like opening day when campers arrive.  There is a lot of excitement in the air as each camper arrives and our staff do an excellent job of bringing new and old campers together into the fold of cabin life and activities.  It’s one of the most important aspects of camp; feeling that you’re a part of your cabin, activity group and the whole camp community..  Acceptance at camp is one of our values here and it’s a job we do well that makes for successful camp experiences.  Frost has been here a short time but he’s already made friends and is looking forward to having our campers join him in horseback riding this coming summer.

Frost, our newest member of the Gwynn Valley riding program.

Several days ago I was cleaning out one of the office closets and found a box of old DVD’s and CD’s that we can’t use anymore.  I went online to find out about how to dispose of them and it seems the last thing you want to do with them is to take them to the landfill.  It takes thousands of years for a dvd to break down and to incinerate it would release harmful toxins into the air.  Recycling the plastic removes the inks, lacquers and reflective metal layers used in the manufacturing process. The final product yields 99.9% clean polycarbonate resin granules that can be reused into other products.  So… don’t forget to recycle those used and worn out dvds and cds that are just lying around.  Here’s an address you can send them to.  It seems that the closest dvd/dc recycling center on the east coast is in New Hampshire.  
CD Recycling Center of America
68E Stiles Road
Salem NH 03079
I would suggest sending them media mail with the USPS.  It’s a cheaper service and my 35 pounds of plastic only cost $16 to mail.  As the year ends don’t forget to recycle all those paper wrappings, cardboard and even plastics that come attached to so many of our consumer items that are gifted this time of year.  Gwynn Valley has recycled for over 25 years and we know we’re making a dent in landfill space as well as reducing and reusing. 

A few flurries fell on Dec. 21st.

December has been a great month for us here at camp.  The weather is usually pretty good this time of year with reasonable daytime temps and cold brisk evenings.  It’s a good time to catch up on office work and really plan for the upcoming season.  It’s also a special time of year because of the holidays.  Many of you are anticipating the Christmas Holiday which is upon us and others have just completed the celebration of Hannukah.  Whatever festive event your family honors, it is a special time of year for us all.  It’s a time of family and getting together with friends to celebrate our blessings and the life we live in a country that has so much to offer.  The tradition of summer camp is one of those great offerings found here in the US.  Anne and I feel so blessed to be a part of the GV family with connections all over the US and world.  The “simple joys” of Gwynn Valley have provided children with many great memories and experiences for 78 years.  We’re excited as we prepare for another year of camp and bringing you here for a summer of fun, challenge and learning.  
Here’s hoping you and yours will have a joyful and blessed time in the weeks ahead.  Happy New Year!