“My Favorite Things” (all of camp)

Dear Parents and Friends,

We just left the Lodge where our Fine Arts program presented 2 one act plays.  All the children were amazing and everyone did a superb job.  The campers wrote both plays and there was some pretty strong moral themes with both.  “The Princess Brat” started off with one spoiled princess who soon learned that she needed a little wake up call.  “It Takes a Village” was about doing good deeds and how everything comes full circle and service to others is so important.  Both productions mixed a bit of modern with the classical and Oprah Winfrey was actually a part of the second play.  That’s what is fun about camp; you can create, be outside the box and take it to the next level while in the comfort of those who really appreciate all the work you put in to it.

All of Mountainside went out today and each group traveled to different directions on compass rose in our backyard playground of Pisgah.  Bikers went up to Dupont State Forest, where slickrock riding abounds and the terrain offers up about anything you want from beginner to advanced.  Climbers headed out to the Cedar Rock, which you can actually see from camp.  As the crow flies it’s not that far up into Pisgah.  Cedar is a granite dome that has several sides that offer various grades of climbing. Our campers will probably be climbing in the 5.5 to 5.10 limits and doing what we call top roping.  The views are spectacular since you’re surrounded by National Forests.  The Pioneers will be backpacking near Cedar Rock and will start at the Fish Hatchery and loop up in behind Johns Rock, around Cedar and then back through Picklesiemer Fields and back to the Hatchery.  Johns Rock like Cedar, is another large granite dome that has a beautiful overlook and if clear tomorrow, will offer some stunning views.  The paddlers headed up near the confluence of the North and East Fork of the French Broad to start their moving water experience.  That section of the French Broad is all natural flow which is nice.  They will progress to the Green tomorrow, which is a release river.  We’re hoping that it will be running.  The outdoor life, what could be better.

While back at camp we’re not too shabby either.  We harvested and shucked our first fresh corn of the season today.  Approximately 400 ears were picked and shucked by the campers.  I’m sure corn will be on the menu tomorrow.  You couldn’t ask for a quicker farm to table experience.  The Lasagna today at lunch was out of this world and everyone just needed rest hour to recover.  You’ll also see some cabin photos we made last night just before we went into our Sunday Service.  We’ve taken quite a few pictures over the past several days but we’ll get them all loaded soon.  We’re working on a huge upload right now.

You’ll notice that many pictures are made with friends.  Camp is the kind of place where that happens all the time.  You could meet your best friend here or come with your best friend.  The longer we live in the GV world the more we learn what we have in common and the more we appreciate the relationships at camp.  I’ve said this before; camp is all about relationships and learning to live in a small community of people.  It’s the original social networking.  Not many of us are used to living with 7 to 9 siblings.  It takes work and we have a great staff who guide the campers and show them the way.  That’s what makes camp.   You all have provided great campers and we are creating great camp memories.  Last night during our Sunday service, Meadowbrook sang “My Favorite Things”.  I had a flashback of being an elementary school student and singing that song just after the “Sound of Music” came out.  We practiced for hours and performed before the school and many parents.  It was a big deal and that memory has been so vivid all these years.  Yes, we are creating what I call camp DNA, which will be a part of the children for a long time.  Stay tuned!