Moon Landing Special Day!


Dear Families and Friends,

Today was another SPECIAL day here at Gwynn Valley. Each Special Day has a unique theme … today we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing with a day filled with intergalactic fun and creativity! It’s amazing to celebrate such a monumental part of history with so many campers, and even more amazing with the knowledge that the moon landing was shown live at Gwynn Valley 50 years ago! I can only imagine the memories and letters campers at the time had when retelling the incredible moment in history. 

Special Day is always a treat, as it allows cabins to spend more time together during the day. Cabins had the morning to visit over 20 different team-building stations all themed around space activities. They visited the Lake for part of the morning, challenging themselves on a floating obstacle course, or tried to make it to the moon on a sinking canoe with the whole cabin! They also enjoyed dry activities all of which incorporated some intergalactic theme. Some cabins challenged their communication skills with a blindfolded obstacle course they had to lead their counselors through. Other cabins enjoyed a very non-competitive game of blackhole tag! Our Young Leaders always have time to shine on Special Days. Today they transformed the Lodge into the Moon! Campers entered and took off on a spaceship where they encountered aliens who stole away their fuel tanks to get back to Earth. To make it home cabins solved puzzles, jumped through hoops, and eventually defeated the aliens to make it out. There was so much joy brought to campers by this activity and it was incredible to see the Young Leaders bring the activity they had created to life!

After the morning activities, we enjoyed an extended rest hour where campers and counselors had a chance to rest from a busy morning. The afternoon was a bit different, with special choice-based space activities. Despite a few sun showers this afternoon, the weather held and kids were able to play. Campers were able to choose 2 different activities for the afternoon, except for those who explored moon territory on a 2-hour hike to the rock! Other activities offered were constellation cross-stitch, asteroid toss castle ball, Moon shoot archery, Moon alien pinch pots, and more! Campers had a blast and were so excited about the theme. It’s really true that no matter how old you are, everyone loves space! 

After activities, everyone went back to their cabins to change into their Vesper whites. The theme was God’s Peace and Understanding, and campers and counselors shared beautiful songs and readings. It was such a delight to see so many cabin groups performing together, such a great reminder of the friendships that are able to develop here at camp. 

Main Camp was certainly busy, and to add to the excitement, we bid a safe farewell to our Mountainsiders and Riversiders as both groups headed off on their four-day adventures! Riverside is leaving for their hiking adventure, while Mountainside adventure groups will be either biking, hiking, paddling, climbing, or on earth skills. We are so proud of the hard work these campers have done to prepare for these trips, and are confident that they will have amazing adventures. We can’t wait to hear their stories and experiences when they come back! 

Thank you all for sharing your incredible campers with us. We are so grateful for the adventures we get to share, and the stellar memories we get to make every day.