Making New Friends


What a wonderful opening day with only one small shower early this morning and then lots of sunshine and smiles. It’s nice to see so many familiar faces and returning campers from previous years along with our new campers, many of whom have waited two years for this session. As many of you know, we jump right into program after lunch and our Main Camp cabins have had a chance to sign up for their Discoveries which will start in the morning.  Everyone in camp participated in their swim assessments and the following activities were open this afternoon: Tie-Dye, Archery, Mill, Pottery, Performing Arts, Crafts, Horses, Lake Fun, Camping Skills and Nature, Climbing, The Farm, and Sports.

I saw lots of campers who know each other get reacquainted as families arrived this morning.  This seems to be a phenomenon that most easily happens with girls and some our oldest campers, in Mountainside, Riverside, and Young Leaders.  Sometimes, the boys are a bit more shy about breaking back into those relationships but after the past 15 months of physical distancing, online learning, and stay at home orders, the campers seem to have jumped right into being in community and with friends both old and new.  It’s also pretty amazing to see the growth in many of our campers, both the physical and emotional maturity after two years.  Grant and I have been here long enough to really see our campers come back as staff and they are just great people.  I guess we’re helping grow more than food at the Farm.

Dinner tonight was our usual child friendly pasta Bolognese with green beans and Caprese salad, as well as homemade bread, parmesan cheese, and of course the giant chocolate chip cookie for each cabin.  It’s a great way to break into our food realm, introduce the GV way of table etiquette and a general good start to the day.  We had after supper activities and then headed to evening program which was outdoors. 

Mountainsiders played games this afternoon, bonding with their cabin groups and community after swim assessments. They are preparing to begin their first day of mini adventures tomorrow, consisting of canoeing, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and earth skills. There are so many new skills to learn and fun to be had.

Riverside leaves tomorrow morning on their four day climbing adventure to Rumbling Bald. After a day climbing there, they head to Linville Gorge. We are hoping for clear skies, dry rock, and lots of fun climbing…climb on. They spent the day getting to know each other, building their community, and packing for their first adventure.

Children grow up too fast and we want to contribute to their growth and learning as we partner with you.  Providing them with appropriate challenges, making decisions on their own, stretching themselves and learning new skills in a new environment contribute to building healthy habits later on in life.  Outcomes are important to us.  While their time here is short we want to do our best to create a nurturing and fun environment to be in.  Thank you for contributing to this recipe as we mix things up and add ingredients to our mountain environment  over the next 10 days and 3 weeks.