Last Full Day of D Session :( but there’s always next summer :)

Dear Parents and Friends,

What a great day here and I can’t believe these two weeks have gone so fast.   Isn’t that how it works.  When you’re having fun, things tend to speed up and go too fast.  We held sign-ups this morning and campers took this opportunity to do things they loved to do and even try and few new things.  Several cabins were off program just spending time together on this last day.  One went to the Rock, one went tubing and one went to Connestee Falls to swim and others just played and spent time on their own.  Capture the flag ruled the athletic field and around in that vicinity.  We also had several trips out today including climbers that went to climb at Looking Glass Rock and the Nose area.  Our climbing staff do a great job of engaging our campers and actually teach them how to belay with a counselor backup so up to three people are involved in each climb including the climber.  It’s a focused, involved and fun scene on these trips.  Main Camp Bikers consisted of an all boys group and the counselors leading the trip said they killed it and did multiple laps on a trail called Ridge Line.  It’s one of the most popular trails in WNC.  Everyone was beaming upon return.  The weather cooperated on all trips today.

The afternoon was filled with packing and of course pillowcase day where everyone goes to the pool and takes their pillowcase along.  You get it wet and fill it with air – voilà, you have a floatation device.  It was the perfect day to be at the pool and everyone enjoyed their last swim.  I went over myself to cool off and have a dip and enjoy the parade of Main Camp campers enjoying their last swim.  As the afternoon waned and all those swimmers appetites swelled for our GV food, we have our last dinner of pizza and of course a delicious dessert of brownies.  Eating at GV takes on whole new meaning.  You can’t buy food like we have here.  It’s fresh, wholesome and there’s lots of it.  We spend time together at the table and don’t just eat and run.  There’s always time for good conversation and finding out what people are doing as the days progress.

After supper activities is always a nice time at the end of the day.  It’s cooler and is perfect for some running sports like ultimate Frisbee or soccer.  Tonight it was ultimate and of course Thunderball.  If you’ve never played it’s fast paced with lots of running.  You can’t run with the disc but can throw it a long way.  As soon as it’s missed by the team that throws it, the other team gets the disc.  It’s very similar to many of our sports taking the best of each.  It does take some skill to throw and it’s also a game of opportunities where you get many chances to catch and throw.

Friendship campfire was filled with talent and folks singing songs and skits they had written themselves. We ended campfire with a great slide show made from the pictures you all have been seeing over the past couple of weeks.  Debbie, our pianist accompanies the slide show with her background music that always seems to fit the moment.  She adapts to whatever is going on in the Lodge as she tickles the keys to match the emotion in the room.  What a gift!  She ends every campfire with a song that has been a GV tradition for years called “Sheep May Safely Graze”, by Bach.

As you arrive tomorrow friendship circles will be in each cabin at 10:30.  Our final campfire for Main Camp will be at 11:00 in the Lodge and you’re welcome to stay and have some delicious GV farm food at 12:00.  See you tomorrow and safe travels!