Last Full Day of C-1 was Spectacular!

Dear Parents & Friends,

It was a glorious day here at GV and as I write the silhouette of the mountains is making it hard to keep my eyes on the screen to write this post.  Several cabins are out enjoying this same view and some enjoying their last night in Session C-1.  We just finished our evening Campfire and our Fine Arts group performed “The Three Little Wolves and Big Bad Pig”, a twist on the obvious.  The campers did a superb job learning their lines and songs for this short but poignant story.  We also held our blanket ceremony before the play to honor campers who have been attending Gwynn Valley for 4 or more years.  There were quite a few in this session and several who were receiving their plaque for 5 years.  Some of our younger staff have been here as much as 15 years counting those camper years.  Of course, Debbie has the record along with Dale who both are just over 40 years each.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here with because after just one session you’re part of the GV family.  We love our first-year campers as much as those attending longer.

I spent the morning with our Mountain Bikers and had a great time with them challenging Dupont singletrack.  We rode Jim Branch, Isaac Heath, Locust, Hilltop, White Pine, Hooker Creek and last but not least Ridgeline which is everyone’s favorite.  Our trails at camp are very similar to those in Dupont but don’t have the sustained uphills and downhills.  Camp is a great place to warm up and gain those initial skills and going to Dupont raises the bar for everyone.  There are over 100 miles of trails in the Park with a lot of variety and change in elevation.

Other trips that went out today were climbing and kayaking and both were great trips because of the weather.   It was just one of those days for each group that make you smile.  While rocks were being climbed off-site the wall was a cool and delightful place to be this morning and afternoon.  The Tower Swing was open for business where your teammates pull you up and you get to release the swing when you reach your desired height.  It’s a free fall for the first couple of feet and then after you get your breath back you swing and swing until the slowdown starts.  Campers wear and chest and regular harness for this activity.

Archery is always one of our most popular activities and it was full all day long.  They shoot in the field that looks out upon our mountains and the view get to behold every day at work.  It’s one I always appreciate.  Weaving and lots of it were happening in our arts arena today.  There were hot mats, kumihimo,  and baskets making intricate patterns to become something useful and decorative.  While not so decorative, campers were building shelters and learning survival arts to stay ahead in the natural realm.  Mill participants were learning how to prepare Johnny Cakes over the open fire.  Simple ingredients and oh so tasty.

Just before a session ends we always host pillowcase day at the pool.  It’s a lot of fun and on a hot day and the perfect way to end the session for all C-1 campers.   The way to end a session with food is what we had for dinner tonight.  Cheese and pepperoni pizza with a fresh salad from the garden, grapes, and brownies for dessert.  That friends, is the way to top it off.

For those parents picking up tomorrow, there will be a short Friendship Circle in your child’s cabin and then you are free to leave or stay if your child wants to provide a quick tour of their experience.  Activities were be running for those campers staying over.  We will see you tomorrow and please have a safe drive in the morning on your way here.  Stay tuned!