Last Full Day of C-1 and What a Day We Had!

Dear Parents & Friends,

We’re winding down for our C-1 Session and many of you are picking up your children tomorrow.  It’s been a hot dry session until just around dinner time tonight when we got some “good rain” to cool us off and water our garden at the farm.  Our head counselors, Jordan and Dan just sent everyone on their way after a rousing campfire for our last night with our C-1er’s.  Our Fine Arts group put on two short plays both with a similar theme that was anti-technology and pro-GV.  In both cases there was a villainous figure who wanted to rule the world, make lots of money and cut down all the trees.  I can’t imagine Gwynn Valley without shade and neither could our young playwrights.  Anne and I also recognized our campers who had been a camp for 4 and 5 years.  Afterward we looked at a short video created today that is linked here.

More highlights from C, C-1 Session

Several trips went out of camp today and everyone came back with miles of smiles.  Hikers went up into Pisgah and visited the Fish Hatchery and bikers went to Dupont and rode Ridgeline which is probably the best trail in Western NC.  Our Kayakers paddled on the mighty Green River and came home with many whitewater tales of tumultuous fun.  Our climbers went out to Looking Glass today to scale its granite walls and got home just before it rained up there.  These trips are a culmination of building skills throughout camp in each activity.  Our main camp training provides a solid foundation for expeditionary learning outside the “nest”.  Taking on new environs, relying on the skills you’ve learned at camp, taking it to the next level and pushing yourself a little harder than you’ve done before, creates new found confidence and stepping stones for greater things to come.

This afternoon while our C campers went to regular signups, our C-1 campers began to pack for tomorrow’s departure and then went to what we call pillowcase day where it’s a final swim with your cabin and taking along your pillowcase and learning how to make it float.  I will leave the details of this magical transformation to be told to you by your children.  It’s another simple skill we learn at camp.

We also ate our last meals together as a table group during tonight’s dinner.  We will eat by cabins in the morning and for lunch and dinner tomorrow.  Meal times are special because you get to be with a whole new group of people.  Our table has been a lot of fun and we’ve had lots of laughs and many conversations.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked about food so much in my life.  Most of the campers at my table were good eaters and a couple of them were on picky side of food, however they stretched their palate’s a bit.  The table is a great place to see other’s your age eating different foods and not just the adults.  There’s that, “maybe I might like this if she’s eating it”.  No peer pressure but certainly a sense of self challenge and discovery for all kinds of good food.  We have 4 folks in our Kitchen who are studying at Johnson and Wales Culinary School in Charlotte and Megan, one of chefs here, is a pastry chef at the school.  You can bet that all of our breads and desserts have been incredible.

It’s been a wonderful session and we are looking forward to greeting you tomorrow morning and having you reunite with your children.  We hope they will consider a longer session next summer and join us for perhaps 2 weeks.  I have heard many of them say that they miss their parents but don’t want to leave camp.  We will certainly miss them.  Stay tuned and see you soon!