Last Full Day of C-1 and More to Come!

Dear Parents & Friends,

Sorry for not putting up a blog last night but it was a full day and we hold our weekly “staff rec” on Sunday nights.  This is when all staff are in camp and counselors take about an hour and we meet for food and social time.  One half of the crew comes and participates while the other half minds the cabins.  We switch and everyone gets to join the fun.  Last night it was ice cream sundaes.

Yesterday was full day at camp especially after staying up late the night before for July 4th fireworks.  Special Day on Sunday means  we don’t have regular program.  We sleep in half an hour later and have breakfast a little later.  It’s an all day affair which started during breakfast.  Dr. Funkiller showed up during announcements and took over the surprise that was in store for the campers and escaped out the back door of the kitchen.  Little did he know that Gwynn Valley has contacts world- wide and since it was so close to the 4th, we sent a message to Capt. America.  He of course responded and brought many other super hero’s to capture Dr. Funkiller.  The morning was spent training to become a super hero with all kinds of challenges and then the real fun began after lunch when we started the search for Funkiller.  Much to our dismay Funkiller captured the local weatherman and changed our local weather to rain and we had to cancel midway through our search.  We of course resumed today and yes Funkiller was not only captured but pommeled by hundreds of water balloons.  His kind will never set foot on GV soil again was said as he slithered back into the woods.

Monday was a regular day at camp this morning and the afternoon brought those C-1 cabins to the pool for pillowcase day and packing later.  The rest of camp had signups and there were also several trips out of camp today.  Climbers, Kayakers and Mountain Bikers all took trips out of camp today and had a blast.  Climbers went into Pisgah, Kayakers paddled the upper French Broad and our Bikers went into Dupont for some spectacular single track.

Those piglets at the farm still haven’t made an appearance and today was the predicted day.  It’s going to be anytime.  Tiffany, who works at the Farm, said that mama pig was ready to have them and she’s really slowed down in the past few days.  Piglets haven’t been seen but the food coming from the farm has kept us well fed and full of energy.  The food coming from our kitchen has been spectacular all summer.  Tonight we had “Sloppy Joes” for dinner on the best home made whole wheat buns you will ever have.  Campers were just eating the buns by themselves they were so tasty.  For dessert we had some sort of cupcakes that were so good you could taste them before you ate them.  Two campers at my table made cup cake sandwiches, which I’d never done.  You take the cupcake and cut off the bottom and place that on the top and it’s like a cupcake sandwich.  I learn something from these guys every day.

Tonight was Friendship Campfire and our C-1 Thespians put on two one act plays.  Anne and I gave out blankets and plaques for those campers who were here for 4 & 5 years at camp.  It always fun to have those stand who have been here longer and some reaching their 10th to 15th year (staff members by now).  There were a few tears shed as we ended our campfire and said goodbye to those whom you will be picking up tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing your children with us this past 10 days.  We’ve had a wonderful session and hope to see all of these children back again next summer.  Soon you will receive an evaluation sent to you by the camp and Clemson University.  We’re participating in a summer outcomes study that will provide valuable information and meaning to the work we do.  I’m on the North Carolina Youth Camps Board and we’re an organization that has done research on economic impact here in our region as well as lobbying hard to keep our summers for camp as well as keep up to date on legislation that affects our industry.  I sincerely hope you will take the time to respond to this valuable tool.  This provides us with feed back to help make our program better.  We appreciate you taking the time to help us keep Gwynn Valley an outstanding program.

Looking forward to seeing you C-1 parents tomorrow.  Safe travels and thanks for being a part of our program.  Stay tuned!