Last Day of C1: Chose your own adventure

Dear Parents and Friends,

I like to think that every day at camp holds the promise and opportunity for adventure, but today was truly full to the brim with great adventures. When talking about adventure, I think people often jump to the idea of outdoor adventure, exploration, physical challenges, etc. Up on Mountainside we actually call our 3 and 4 day overnight trips “The Adventure”. That said, adventure will mean different things to different campers. Sometimes an adventure is just doing something new or going to a new place. It could also mean having a an exciting experience or perhaps it is a test of your skills and ability to work through a problem. I think what we had on offer today at GV covered all these bases.

We ran four off camp trips for our main camp program today as a continuation of the Discovery experience. For our morning discoveries, where campers work to develop a skill set over the course of their week here, we try to offer some sort of culminating experience wherever appropriate. Sometimes this is satisfied by the discovering program times themselves, such as completing a craft project or working through all the archery lessons. Today marked the trips that acted as the culminating experience for our climbing, biking, kayaking, OLS, and Web discoveries. The mountain bikers covered 7+ miles of single track trail in Dupont State Forest and finished with a swim at Hooker Falls. The climbers went to the Nose Area of Looking Glass Rock and set up some climbs that are taller and more technical than what we have to offer at GV. Kaykers went on section 2 of the French Broad where they had an excellent time playing around with eddy turns and ferrying on the river. Outdoor Living Skills and Web of Life teamed up for a nature hike in Dupont State forest where they also swam in a waterfall to cool off.

Outdoor adventure isn’t the only kind of adventure that we had going on today! This evening we saw two wonderful performances. One was an original camper musical written this week in morning discovery. Campers were sent back in time by a spell cast by the little known and highly misunderstood Lajar (brother to the Tajar – part lion instead of part tiger) and could only return to present day GV after helping him find friendship and community. Following this historical thriller, we enjoyed a performance by the GV Sparklers, our very own C1 dance troupe. Both performances were very well done and highly entertaining! It can be nerve wracking to stand up and speak or dance in front of 250 people, but these campers did it with confidence and grace. I’m sure they felt the experience was no less adventurous than climbing up a 100 foot pitch.

Of course, the act of coming to camp is an adventure unto itself. We are very sad to say goodbye to our C1 campers tomorrow, and we look forward to welcoming the adventurous C2 group who will be arriving on Wednesday!