Last Day of C-1!

Dear Parents & Friends,

Our time is fleeting and as we just ended campfire I really hate to see this session come to an end.  We will miss the campers who have been here for the last 10 days.  Yesterday was such a busy day that I didn’t have time to write.  Some days are like that as you all know.  We did get pictures up and hope you enjoyed those.  Yesterday was “Special Day” at camp, even though everyday is a special day.  The overall theme of the day was Roald Dahl day and all his many stories and writings.  Willy Wonka was our master of ceremonies for the day and campers participated in a variety of events similar to those in some Dahl’s works.  There were wet and dry events, dream events, art events, and thoughtful events.  At he end of the day we showed the World Cup.  I showed the semis a few days ago and we had a small following.  Last night well over half of the campers attended complete with a huge cheering section and chants that you would find in the European Leagues.  We even had a horn like they were blowing in South Africa.  Most everyone was rooting for Netherlands since one of our staff hails from there.  I was impressed by the enthusiasm and attention the campers paid to the game.  Good Stuff!

Tonight at campfire we held the drama production “Where Dreams Come From” written by campers.  It was a great evening with two one act plays dwelling on the theme of dreams.  Good music, dance and fun.

You will also find many cabin photos from the weekend.  Most of the campers were in their whites because of our Sunday Service theme, which was “God’s Everyday Miracles”.  I wasn’t there but heard it was great.  I was on the lake working with Riverside getting them ready for their river experience that started today.  I just got a text from the instructor who is working with them and said “Good Day! Kids A+”.  John is a friend of mine who teaches at Brevard College and is a certified paddling instructor.  He’s a great guy and since I can’t be there, I can’t think of a better person to have on the trip.  He worked with our program last summer and the kids loved him.  I’m sure this group will as well.

If you’ve ever been to “The Rock” at camp you would have remembered it.  It’s the highest point of the property that you can see from.  It’s not an easy hike but the view from the top is pretty spectacular.  You can see all the way to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Mt. Pisgah.  Cedar Rock, where we sometimes climb is also visible.  The last scramble to the top is hand over hand rope climbing but safe enough to do without a helmet/harness and what is classified as a class 4 climb.  It rooty, rocky and craggy, but fun.  The actual rock itself is huge and is tucked away in the forest where you really can’t see it.  It has two sides but campers rarely go to the other side.  An arrowhead was found on the other side last summer and I’m sure it was a special place for the native peoples.  The view this morning was foggy and rainy but still a good view.  Sophie, our dog went with the campers to the top.  At 8 months, she is maturing nicely at camp and seems to think she’s one of the campers and going on hikes, swimming and playing soccer.  The problem is she wants to pop all of the balls.  We had to make an announcement today to campers regarding sports equipment and Sophie.  She loves any kind of ball and will make it unusable in a matter of minutes.

Even though it rained up until lunch, we were still able to hold activities outside.  I worked at the climbing wall this morning with Avery and had two groups of 6 each over a two hour period that climbed their hearts content.  We’ve lowered our climbing age this year and it seems that a good many of our younger campers have taken to the sky.  Rain didn’t stall a group of Main Camp Mountain Bikers today as they headed out this morning for a ride in Pisgah.  They parked at the Fish Hatchery and rode up the old Cove Creek Rd. to the camping area where there is a miniature sliding rock.  With the rain the water was a bit too high to slide and the trip home was all downhill.  Erin and Levi led the trip and we had a table for them when they returned just after lunch.  Waiting for those appetites were noodles, beef stir fry, fresh bread, corn and watermelon.  The last afternoon of a session is always Pillowcase Day when everyone leaving camp goes to the pool.  It’s actually a good time for the camp medical team to do skin checks and make sure everyone is in good health before they leave.

Mountainside is spending the night at the Hunt Farm and had a cookout there tonight.  The Pioneer group held a special event today which we’ll share with you a little later.  We’ll see many of you tomorrow and hope you have safe travels as we end C-1.  Stay tuned!