It’s Going Way Too Fast!

Dear Parents & Friends,

I can hardly believe that we only have three days left in this session.  It’s going way too fast and can we just add another week and keep them a little longer.  It’s a great group of children we have and many new to GV and a very young camp this session.  I’ve really enjoyed being a floater at the table and eating with many campers instead of just one table.  Another great day at camp produces lots of action and I must admit that our photographer was off this afternoon so we don’t have as many photos as we would normally put up.  Nonetheless, it was an active and warm day here at camp and water activities were on top of the list.  There were several creek hikes today up to Connestee Falls.  The creek that runs through camp is called Carson Creek.  You can hike up the creek bed or up a trail that follows the ridge on the north and east side of camp.  Hiking up the creek is a lot more fun and spectacular.  There are spots where all you hear is the rush of water and would think that you were in the middle of Pisgah National Forest.  The upper part of our land where this creek flows has few trails and is very wild.  It’s beautiful.  The terminus of the property ends at Connestee Falls which is a great place for children to swim.  The water temp is much cooler than the lake and it’s just so different than from any other place on the property.  Three different groups went there today and I’m sure had a blast.  Echo and Playhouse went with their counselors and Andy our Assistant Director.  Other water activities included kayaking where everyone wanted to wet exit.  GV Rescue at the waterfront was teaching children how to save someone from a boat.  Good stuff even for the young campers.  You never know how you can be of help to someone.

The farm keeps cranking out the food for the summer.  While we haven’t had as much rain fall as I would like to fill the rivers, we have been getting afternoon showers that have been great for the garden.  Our lettuce, melons, tomatoes, and much more is still “growing great guns”.  The food this year has been exceptional.  Hats off to all our Kitchen crew as well as the Farm staff.

I spent most of the day in trees behind the video camera.  I filmed tree climbing this morning from the top of a tree hanging out just above where the climbers climb to.  This afternoon I filmed up in the arborist tree to capture the campers doing arborist climbing.  Yesterday we got some good footage from the top of climbing wall with campers creeping up the sides like spiders.  Erin, our SIT coordinator and Mountain Bike Instructor conducted a cool riding clinic today for those that really wanted to improve their riding skills.  We had all levels today and could challenge each rider with different things.  Riding over objects, weaving in and out of cones, riding a teeter totter, and negotiating wet roots were just a small part of the hour long session.  Everyone gained lots of confidence and got much better with their riding skills.  Being able to ride up off your saddle with pedals at 3 and 9 is an essential skill for children learning to mountain bike.  We shot some good footage there as well.

One of the after supper activities tonight was slack lining.  It’s walking a piece of tubular webbing that’s stretched between two trees.  Many climbers use it as a way to work on balance and agility.  The webbing is only a foot or so off the ground so if you fall off it’s a soft landing on your feet.  Campers love this evening activity.  Campfire tonight was International Night with many countries participating.  When our last session rolls around we have a multi-national program and tonight was it.  New Zealand, Brazil, England, Germany, Holland, Russia, and Australia were all represented.  Campers and staff alike presented, sang and acted.  It’s nice to have all the diversity at camp.  One of GV’s values is acceptance and I think we do such a good job with embracing our many cultures and languages that join us in the summer.  It’s great for all children, young and old.  Stay tuned!