It’s been a beautiful day!


It was another beautiful day at camp with the perfect mix of clouds and sun.  Our day started off with homemade scones, fruit, cereal, eggs, bacon, and yes, chocolate milk by a local dairy, French Broad Creamery.  We had a delicious stir fry tonight for dinner with rice, Asian salad, edamame beans and fruit.  We got just a sprinkle of rain after dinner and the sunset revealed itself just before it disappeared behind our layers of mountains.   I sat with one of our cabin groups today at lunch and enjoyed the boys company.  We talked about food, sports, what they were looking forward to in the next few days, and life here at camp as we’re “living the dream”.  I always enjoy being with cabin groups and especially sharing meals with them.  Sharing food and fellowship is a ritual that happens throughout our world and has for centuries.  I can’t think of a better atmosphere for that to take place in.

We enjoyed lots of activities today with trail rides, feeding the animals at the farm, tree climbing, mountain biking, tie-dye, basket making, and lots of fun at the waterfront, Five more cabins enjoyed cooking out and are camping out this evening concluding our Main Camp campouts for the week.

Mountainside enjoyed sign-ups this afternoon with sports, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, crocheting, and a few others. The Mountainside campers learned which adventure they will be participating in this evening so there is excitement in the air. Packing will take place tomorrow followed by Tajar Ball, a favorite at Gwynn Valley. 

All of camp will enjoy the ball as we spread out in 5 different outdoor zones for our neighborhoods to play, dance, take a hay ride, and enjoy lots of games. It’s similar to a carnival. Of course, before the Ball we enjoy an cookout with burgers, hotdogs, and lots of fixings.

Although they have been calling for rain most this week, we have been fortunate so far and it hasn’t rained at activity time! We heard from Riverside today who is climbing at Linville Gorge and they have had good weather and good climbing…climb on!

It’s that time of day when all of camp has wound down.  As one young man at my table said this morning, “I don’t think it took me more than a minute to fall asleep last night and I didn’t wake until I heard the wakeup bell.  I compare this to a pack of 215 young puppies, playing all day long and just collapsing into deep sleep and dreams of more to come tomorrow.  We hope you have pleasant dreams as well.  Stay tuned!