International Day!


Dear Parents & Friends,

It has been another busy day here at camp and I apologize for not putting up a news article yesterday.  Some days are just too full.  I was needed in the Main Camp climbing program yesterday and today and thoroughly enjoyed myself with the time I spent there.  We have several groups going out of Main Camp tomorrow and one of those is climbing.  The climbers were using great technique today as some of them attacked the toughest side of the wall.  One of the great things about climbing is even if you’re not climbing, you can monitor the belayer (always a counselor) if you’re a camper.  Campers get a real feel for the whole aspect of belaying while sitting next to the belay counselor.  Technique again is an important aspect of climbing where you really have to depend on your legs and pace yourself with your arms as you move up the wall.  It’s a dance and one that you can wear yourself out if you don’t observe and plan every possible hold and move for hands and feet as you move upward on the wall.  It’s the same on real rock.  We had a quite a number of campers involved in Arborist climbing this afternoon.  Several very young campers were found there and in our tree climbing program.

Two sessions of bikers this afternoon led by Erika.  I happened to be near the climbing wall when they assembled at the bike shed to begin their ride.  Most all campers can ride a bike however we’re providing some skills that take them to the next level.  It sometimes takes them a little while to learn the gearing and how to utilize all those gears.  Riding technique is important as well.  They need to learn how to ride out of the saddle while pedaling and standing up with pedals parallel while riding.  Shifting ones weight while riding is also important when going up and down hills as well as braking.  Most campers want to jump on the bikes and go but we spend a little time going over these aspects.  There are also some maneuvers we can do that will help their riding technique.

It was international day here at camp celebrating the countries of South Africa, Poland and Kenya. Skits and ceremonies were so much fun as you can see from the pics.  Winnie, our head counselor for Hillside is such a talent and has the stage presence perfect for camp.  The story of the Lion King was played out as well as a hilarious Polish fairy tale complete with dragon and a fair maiden (Adam).  Everyone was doubled over with laughter.

Tomorrow we wake up to the Tajar’s birthday.  Of all the animals in the forests and the lakes, there is none so curious as the Tajar.  The Tajar lives in a very special place.  He lives in an old tree somewhere near the camp.  If you were to see the Tajar’s tree, it would look like all the other trees of the forest.  But if you were to see the Tajar, you would know that he is something very special. The Tajar looks a little something like a tiger and something like a jaguar and something like a badger, but is different from all those animals.  He would rather dance in the moonlight on a warm summer night than sleep in his tree.  He might be sitting in a tree right now, listening to campers carrying on a conversation.  And if he were, he would be so quiet you couldn’t hear him move.  But if you were to look around and see the Tajar sitting high in the limbs of a nearby tree, he would certainly look most curious.  You might think he looks a little like a tiger and something like a jaguar and something like a badger.  But if you were look away, you wouldn’t be able to remember what the Tajar looks like.

Look closely at the photos tomorrow and you may be able to pick out the Tajar.  He comes to the Tajar Ball too, and always in costume.  Stay tuned!