International Day and More!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Another splendid day at GV and time is flying. It’s hard to believe that we are winding down D session. Today was another beautiful day here at camp with sunny skies and all activities in high gear. This second week we have signups both in the morning and in the afternoon. Today was also international day here at GV. We celebrated with our staff who are from Poland, Hungary, Sweden, and Brazil. It was a fun evening filled with lots of information and interesting tidbits from each country and also a sampling of some traditional foods from those countries throughout the day at meals. Campers were also involved in some of the cultural dancing on stage tonight.

Several groups were also out of camp today including Mountainside, Riverside and our Main Camp Kayakers. I spent the afternoon with the Mountainside Paddlers and ran the upper French Broad to give them a start on their sea legs. That group will be going out again on Thurs. for another training day as will the rest of MS groups, bikers, hikers, and climbers.

This weather really promotes activity because of the temps and low humidity. It’s fun whether you’re outdoors doing something really active or indoors pursuing some sort of artistic endeavor. There was a small game of football on the field today and Josh offered it because many of the campers ask for it. He’s an Australian, so our football is a bit different than his Ozzie Rules. Of course Thunderball was also in evidence today as it is most days. There’s never been a time when you couldn’t drum up 20 plus campers to play. There was some active play today with bikers who created a mini triathlon around camp. They started at the lake kayaking laps and then ran and finished up their 3 events with biking one of the camp trails. I didn’t get a final estimate of how far they went but it was all worth it with a swim afterward.

I hope you noticed the scarves that campers made at Yanderside with Rachel over the last couple of days. You moms may get one of these when campers arrive home. All are beautiful and make excellent gifts.   It’s that time of the session when folks are glazing their pottery and getting it ready to take home. Again, more artistry to fill you home and your camper’s room. Candles were also being created today and dip candles were being dipped and redipped to make some great keepers to take home. While people were cranking their artistic talents, folks across the avenue at the Mill were making ice cream and playing checkers. It’s a favorite past time for those who are waiting for the ice cream to be churned. I’m thinking it was the same situation back in the 1890’s, when the Mill was founded, that folks probably sat around playing checkers then as well. On certain days, going to the Mill is like walking back in time.

One the waterfront several staff and campers made it across the tension traverse yesterday and that sent lots of participants to TT to give it go. As I said in an early blog, it’s not easy, but it’s doable. Nearby the lake are our Arborist Climbing Trees and many campers gave it ago this morning while it was really cool. It’s a strenuous sport and it’s great when you’re in the shade and staying cool.

With all our good weather the Farm has been booming. We’ve had the perfect mix of sun and rain this summer. Some of that was served tonight as our second round of corn on the cob is now coming in. What is picked in the morning is served at the evening meal. It’s delicious and no restaurant anywhere could boast that farm to table short span of harvest to consumption. This is the case with much of our Farm food and you can thank your children and our Farm staff for making that happen. Of course eating it is just as much fun as harvesting it. Our good camp food is responsible for spending quality time with one another in the Dining Room and great stories and conversation exist every day at the table. I have a brother/sister duo at my table and the brother, Charlie was playing around with the other counselor while we were clearing the table and knocked over a stack of bowls that were waiting to go to the B window to be washed. His older sister Ava, looked at me and said, “That Charlie is so lucky. Every single bowl landed right side up.” Even if they hadn’t it was OK. Camp is the kind of place where your bowls can land right side up or upside down. It’s a place of opportunity where you can try and try again or even make mistakes while trying. You get lots of chances to get those bowls to land right side up and that’s the way it should be. Stay tuned!