Here Comes the Sun!

Dear Parents and Friends,

We couldn’t have asked for a better day today at camp.  I expected good weather today and we got it.  It was a bit cloudy this morning but as the day went on the sun shone brightly on GV.  It was a good day to visit program and I started at the farm mainly to check on the growth rate of those piglets.  They are squealing as pigs do when you pick them up and the campers love to pick them up.  You might think that a 10 pound hunk of piglet would be easy to hold, but oh contraire.  They wiggle and feel like pure muscle.  Lots of newborn baby chicks this morning and they were quite fluffy and willing to be held.  The farm is a magical place and I love visiting.  There were campers milking Bessie and when they ran out of time they put her on the automatic milking machine.  It was almost as though she gave a sigh of relief from all those hands that were figuring how best to coax the milk from her.

Back on the Lake I was helping our kayakers with their turns and leans.  Turning is easy on the lake and river but leaning into your turns while executing the Duffek stroke is a different story.  In canoeing and kayaking, I think it’s one of the harder strokes to learn and execute.  In a canoe it’s used for turning on your “onside” or the side you have your paddle on.  For the 2 bladed kayaker, it is executed on both sides of the boat.  Kayakers don’t have a need to perform the cross duffek like canoers do.  And…. you know what they say, twice the paddle half the paddler.  All in jest with my kayaker friends.  These guys and gals are getting their strokes down to go on a river trip tomorrow and Thurs.  They’ll be traveling to the upper French Broad tomorrow and hopefully to the Green on Thurs.

I also stopped briefly by the Mill to observe a friendly game of checkers which fits right in to the surroundings and the era that the Mill was built on the property, around 1890.  The campers were playing with pieces made from sliced corn cobs and it truly could have been the scene a 100 years ago.

With our good weather today campers were playing a raucous game of water polo on tubes.  It was pretty competitive but no one dominated.  They were having fun! While the water was being churned up in one area, our WEB folks were in the water wearing snorkeling gear trying to spot lake critters.  They had their nets and collection buckets ready to scoop up anything that moved.  With Kayakers, tubers, zip line running and churning up the water,  the young scientists were doomed to capture only giant tadpoles which are prolific in our lake.  Most were beginning to change into frogs and had a healthy growth of legs beginning to pop out of round little bellies.

From water to liquid art, I ventured over to view the paper marbling that was being done at Yanderside, one of our arts arenas on site.  The whole marbling thing has gotten very precise and one camper was trying to create a humming bird on her piece of paper.  You’ll see evidence of these in some of today’s pics.

It was a full day and I started off and we ended with the Farm Campfire tonight.  The Needle Nose Vice Grips furnished the music and of course Farmer Dale told a story about Marcel’s Pulp Wood Business and taught us all to clog.  Then the farm staff told the story of the Three Little Pigs and we ended with several songs, one sung by Cabin Blue Ridge.  Great job girls!  Tomorrow, I’ll be out on the river with Mountainside and look forward to reporting on their progress.  Stay tuned!