Harry Potter Comes to GV

Dear Parents & Friends,

It’s been a busy two days at camp and we had beautiful sunny skies today.  It’s been a pleasant change from the overcast drizzle we’ve experienced at the end of the week.  We just left our Sunday Service in the Lodge where the theme was “God’s Many Colors”.  Many campers and staff paid honor through that theme with songs, readings and even dance.  It was a nice service.  Debbie played a song called “What Color is the Wind”.  If you don’t know Debbie, she’s our camp musician and is visually impaired.  The song she sang is about a young boy who cannot see and asks his Dad about all the colors around him and to describe those colors.  It’s a great song!

Today was Special Day at GV and the theme was Harry Potter.  There were a number of stations that the campers went to with the movie themes in mind.  At breakfast this morning were  Harry, Haggred, the Weasley Brothers, and of course Dumbledore and Herminone.  All through the day you could see and hear adventures being played out, spells being cast, and Quidditch being played.  Everyone carried a wand and waived it at the drop of a hat.  It’s a good thing I’ve retained my appendages or else I might be a frog tonight and unable to report our day.  Anne would have to work some magic to turn me back into Mr. Camp Director.  The making of silly puddy was a real hit today and we had all colors that were made.

Today our Mountainsiders and Riversiders departed camp for their adventures.  Riverside is backpacking  up in Pisgah and will come across the top of the Parkway and all the way down the Art Loeb trail to Davidson River Campground.  And of course Mountainside is out climbing in Linville Gorge, Paddling the Green today, Section #10 of the French Broad tomorrow and TBA on Wed., mountain biking at Dupont State Forest, and Pioneering and Backpacking near Graveyard Fields in Pisgah.  We miss them already but they’ll have good weather and it’s not too hot.  Adventures are happening here at camp as well.  Yesterday we may have broken the potato digging record with well over 150 lbs of potatoes.  And that’s probably for just one meal at camp.  I don’t know about you, but one of those potatoes in the picture looks like it’s looking back at me (and they do have eyes you know).  We had potato salad at lunch today and it was delicious.  Last night at campfire was Talent Night and let me tell you we have some talent here at camp.  No doubt the pictures speak a thousand words.  I’ve seen a lot of guitar players but not too many can play with their legs up and behind their head.  Eat your heart out Jimi Hendrix.

We were all wearing sweatshirts and hoodies yesterday and there’s one activity that gets your temperature up and that’s Arborist Climbing.  It’s a favorite here at camp.  We’ve been doing it for about 5 years here at camp and it keeps on getting better.  You ascend the rope you’re climbing with what’s called a Blakes Hitch.  It’s a prussick knot that’s been modified that grabs the rope when under tension.  The camper (climber) literally hauls themselves up the rope by standing in another slideable prussick that helps move the climber up.  It’s very simple but sounds complicated.  Remember that GV is all about the simple joys.  Arts and Crafts ties lots of knots from Friendship bracelets to paracord bracelets.  Knots are everywhere in life and it’s always handy that you can tie a simple knot for the task that you are doing.  When tying down boats on the trailer we tie a truckers hitch and is guaranteed not to move and keep those boats tight on the trailer when headed off for adventures.  Just another skill you can learn at camp.  Stay tuned!