Happy Presidents’ Day!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Happy Presidents’ Day and hope all is well where you are.  In my last news update on our website, I mentioned that our leadership staff, Andy, Maggie, Barbara, Anne and I were headed to the American Camping Association’s National Conference, held in Atlanta last week.  We had a wonderful time soaking up information and networking with other camp directors from all over the US.  There were over 150 sessions offered to attendees and we divided and conquered for those three and a half days.  The overall content of the sessions were great and each carries some valuable information for us as we head toward our summer season.  There were also three keynote speakers that had their own message on the value of the work that camp is doing with children in our country.


On the drive home we shared much information and will be meeting in the days ahead to bring together the information we harvested from those fruitful and fun days.  Leadership was a major theme throughout our time there and is appropriate on this Presidents’ Day to remind ourselves of the awesome responsibility we hold in guiding the lives of so many children while they are at camp.  It’s a joy and privilege to be a part of Gwynn Valley.  John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. We really enjoy the chance to learn more about the work we do and we look forward to leading our staff and children into the best possible summer ever here at camp.