Happy 4th of July !?

Dear Parents & Friends,

Happy 4th of July (even though it’s the 6th).  Our day started out quite chilly with the temperature at 59 degrees and a cool morning.  Good sleeping weather.  We celebrated all day long and it’s not over yet.  I’m taking a break just after campfire tonight to write to you all out there at home or wherever you may find yourself.  It’s been a celebratory day starting with a visit from Paul Revere riding on horseback to wake camp up and proclaiming that the British were coming and coming they were, right on the heels of Paul.  As we waited for breakfast to start there was a good bit of American music from John Phillip Sousa to Aretha Franklin.  While we waited George Washington crossed the Delaware River and meet President Obama on its banks.  They both strode toward the entrance to the Dining Room and declared this to be a great day in America and so it began.  Breakfast was red, white and blue and everyone was decorated from this special day.  After breakfast Uncle Sam held a dance party on the Green and then we were off to activities.  At lunch we sang patriotic songs and to top things off held a pie eating contest.  Dinner tonight was good ole American pizza and salad, corn on the cob and apple pie.

In a show of support to our country our campers from the Mill ground over 60 pounds of whole wheat flour that had been donated to our local Bread of Life.  That food will go toward feeding many hungry people in our small mountain town.  Mountainside held their mini-adventures again today and you’ll see photos from the biking adventure that were taken in Dupont State Forest around Bridal Veil Falls.  These falls were in the film “Last of the Mohicans” and a beautiful place to be.  There was a parade of goats from the farm on The Green today during change over for activities.  Speaking of the farm those baby calves are getting lots of attention as you can see from the pics.  I helped a bit at Mountain Biking today with Main camp and worked a little one on one with a young man who made great strides in riding a bike.  It’s a lot different riding here at camp on uneven ground after you’ve been riding on paved surfaces.

After supper everyone went to the hill just next to the Gatehouse for campfire which was America’s Got Talent.  Judges for the  show were Betsy Ross, Frank Sinatra, and Abe Lincoln.  Definitely a diverse group and certainly representing a good piece of the American History Pie.   Cabins and staff participated in the show and we had visits from lots of other musical celebrities this evening.  The bell just rang and it’s time to assemble at the lake for fireworks so I’m off and will see you all tomorrow.  Stay tuned!