Happy 4th and Fireworks Finish Our Wonderful Day!

Dear Parents & Friends,

It was just one of those perfect days – weather wise and camp wise. The weather today was brilliant. A big high is parked over the mountains . Our high today was only 79 and probably even cooler in Main Camp with all our shade. We just finished fireworks for the 4th and many campers were wrapped in their sweatshirts and PJ’s to see Team Maintenance present this year’s pyrotechnical display. The low tonight is 55 degrees. That’s fall and spring temps and is such a relief from the muggy weather we’ve been having.

Our day started off with a dip into our history with the pilgrims landing at “Sundial Rock” on the shores of Gwynn Valley. They were of course met by our Native Americans. Fast forward and suddenly Mark Twain was walking along the banks of our Big Muddy talking about a character who was sitting on our little dock, cane pole in hand and just buying time fishing, until the next big adventure came along. I was expecting to see Tom, Becky and Aunt Polly come crashing through the scene but Huck had obliviously picked a place that even his friends couldn’t find – the sanctuary of Gwynn Valley. Huck and Tom would have thrived here and taught us even more about the simple joys.

Lunch brought everyone to the Lodge to visit a Wild West Saloon and bank robbers made off with the townspeople’s money. Sheriff DoRight was off on his horse to get the stolen cash. Throughout the morning and the afternoon, activities went on with new energy because of the change in our weather. Even the horses had a kick in their step as they trotted around the ring with campers perched on their backs learning how to “post”. It’s all about timing and feeling the horse under you and trying to keep your heels down. Bikers on Mountainside were using some body english as they learned how to ride switchbacks on the bike trail near Mountainside. You have to feel the bike under you as well and be up off the saddle in order to use your legs much like in riding a horse.

We picnicked on the Green for dinner tonight with fresh apple pie for dessert and Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches for the main course. Also along for the ride was potato salad, chips, fruit, salad, watermelon and juice. A shortened after supper activities period gave way for the evening in our Lodge where our Imagination Time Machine carried us back to some Musical History with Shape Note singing and everyone singing on “This Land is Your Land”. There was a Disney skit by Cabin Playhouse, a Toy Story Skit by several staff and from the movie “UP” an adventure that we all went on. There were many famous American Quotes along our journey and of course no journey is truly complete without our endeavor of landing on the moon performed by campers in Fine Arts. There was also an excerpt from MLK’s famous speech.

Are you campers smarter than an American Counselor? It seems tonight they were. Our counselors didn’t fair too well against the brainiac camper trio. Shortly after was a great tale slightly modified called the Lorax. Music and singing dismissed us for the evening to go back to our cabins, change clothes and come back for fireworks. A great American Day had by all. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!