Hamish’s Visit

For those of you that were here this summer when the piglets were born, you may remember that Hamish the pig was the lone survivor.  He received a good deal of attention from campers as well as his other mom, Arrington, who worked down at the farm.  Hamish is still around the farm and he’s still “hamming” it up.  Sorry about that Hamish, as I know you like to “hog” the limelight.  Well, Arrington came for a visit the other day.  She’s working in a nearby school and had some time off.  She went straight to the farm, picked up Hamish (not literally), and the two of them trotted  up to the office to visit with us.  It was a real treat.  The incredible Mr. “H” has grown quite a bit and lacked no amount of shyness as he got right to work rooting out new territory in and around the office grounds.  We wanted to visit with Arrington in the office but even though pigs are pretty bright, our fair porker has not been house trained.  So we visited with the two of them just outside in the yard.  Those of you that don’t know Jeff may not know that he’s in charge of GV’s grounds and we dared not let on that Hamish went right to work excavating around the office yard.  If the Tajar was watching that afternoon, he was probably relieved to have someone else take the heat for a while.  As you know, that Tajar can get into a lot of mischief.  Well not on this day.  The afternoon belonged to Hamish.  Hamish covered himself with fresh dirt as we talked and used his nose like a miniature backhoe to look for who knows what. IMG_819411 smaller After a while he looked a little bored and I think somehow communicated with Arrington that it was time to go back to the farm. There was food there and of course Hamish is all about food. We had a nice visit and hoped to see him soon, perhaps on his own ground. If you want to send Hamish a greeting, just make it care of mail@gwynnvalley.com. He loves fan mail and is still trying to figure out all those headlines that read something to the affect of “swine flew”.  After all, what pig doesn’t want to fly. And that’s the way it is here at Gwynn Valley. Stay tuned!