Gwynn Valley Olympics! (not just in London)

Dear Parents & Friends,

Another splendid day at GV and time is flying.  It’s hard to believe that everyone arrived just last Sunday.  It was Special Day here at camp as is every Sunday while a session is going on.  Today’s theme could only be one and of course it was the Olympics.  This was not televised on NBC and little known to the public, but the Olympic torch was transported to America overnight where our own athletes accepted it.  Also little known, was after the Queen parachuted out of the plane and made an appearance at the opening ceremonies, James Bond’s mission was to transport her to Gwynn Valley where she lit the GV Flame, I mean Flim, no Flam, yes flim-flam.  This is the second time in a week that the Queen has set foot on GV soil.  She is one busy woman and has an enormous amount of energy at her age.  We hope she will lead a creek hike tomorrow or maybe show her riding prowess in the ring.

Enough about royalty and more about the GV Olympics.  There were events here today that the O-Committee is already looking at because they were so successful and thanks to all those Twitter feeds. Here’s the short list:

Sponge Slingshot, Cookie Decorating, Flag Making, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Design

…..and those that are always favorites

The Long Jump, the High Jump, the Hammer Throw, Javelin, Soccer, Diving/Swim Races, Kayak Races, Gymnastics, & Martial Arts.

Marathon Women!

Unlike the regular Olympics our campers could compete on any level and in any event they wanted.  The favorites were of course the water activities since our weather has not been anything like the weather in England.  In the afternoon after a delicious lunch we had rest hour to get ready for the Gwynn Valley Marathon.  Every camper and staff participated on their age level and it was a grand affair.  There were different courses for each age group.  After the marathon we all came to the Lodge to watch the highlights of the actual opening ceremonies that was televised on Friday evening here.  There is little technology at camp, but we decided that this is a special event and is history in the making.   We could fast forward through the boring parts and got right down to nitty gritty.  I was a bit worried that our UK staff would be homesick since they were hosting this summer but it looks at though GV made them feel right at home and it was a rousing success.  Jolly good and brilliant, I say!

Loooooooong Jump!

Riverside was in camp today and getting packed up for their next adventure which will be paddling.  I worked with them on the lake early this morning before we gave way to the Olympic events.  They will leave on Tues. and return Friday.  Mountainside was participating in another afternoon of sign-ups and played Capture the Flag in the morning.  I think 007 lent a hand while he was here to help even the sides a bit.  Mountainside chose their adventures tonight and starting Tues. they will begin their training days in the adventure they have decided on.

It’s been a busy first week with a great deal of action.  We were able to capture a little sleep-in this morning to catch up when the wake up bell went off at 8:30 instead of 8:00.  Tomorrow it’s back on schedule and so it goes.  There’s not much down time except sleep and rest hour.  Our camp days go way too fast but we love them all the same.  We just finished our Vespers service in the Lodge and everyone is waiting for the Sandman to visit along with the Serenade group.  More on that later.  For now, stay tuned!