Getting Ready for a Big Day!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Happy 4th of July to all of you at home and hope you’re getting ready for our Independence Day! We will be celebrating the 4th tomorrow and looking forward to a splendid day.  We’ll have fireworks tomorrow night and other festivities throughout the day and children will be up a little later.  We just had a threat  of rain today and the weather was good.  All activities were in full swing and it was a very warm day.  Archery takes place in the field just outside my office so I’m afforded a special viewpoint  and can usually tell when someone hits a bulls eye.  Those baby calves at the farm are getting bigger by the day and campers bottle feed them twice each day and provide fresh water and a little bit of food.  By the end of the summer they are very tame and will follow anyone that resembles a child or a farm person.  You learn a lot about how to feed a baby calf and you have to hold the bottle a certain way.  Instinctively they will push the bottle hard, thinking you’re the mother, the purpose being  to push more milk into the nipple.  It’s a natural occurrence and feeders have to be ready or you might get pushed down.  It’s always good to hold the bottle to the side and up high instead of straight on.  We’re expecting or I should say she’s (mama pig) expecting her piglets to be born hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  That’s always a treat here at camp and children come to the middle session hoping to be here for this event or at least try to be.  Piglets are very cute.  We’re anticipating our first tomatoes to begin coming in soon.  Also there’s a pretty good crop of natural blackberries out there in our surrounding woods.

The waterfront and pool have been refreshing places to be over the past couple of days.  There was also a creek hike to Connesstee Falls today by Echo and another mixed group.  The water there is more than refreshing and it takes some commitment to get in if the sun is not out.  I love the creek hikes because our land on the creek makes you feel like you could be in the middle of Pisgah National Forest.  The creek is steep on the sides and there’s little sign of humans.  Series after series of falls dot the creek along the way making for some adventurous hiking in the creek itself.  There are swimming holes that can hold a whole cabin and others hold  just one or two campers.  The land one sees when hiking up to The Rock at the top of our property is well worth the steep accent.  It’s about a 20 minute walk from Main Camp and the view is great.   One can see all the way over to Mt. Pisgah along the Parkway to Devil’s Courthouse and beyond.  We’ll have to take some video of that hike and put it online in the days ahead.  It’s a steep climb and the last part utilizes ropes to help get you to the top.  I love exploring the opposite side of The Rock where we’ve found everything from arrowheads to Ant Lions.  Camp and it’s 300 acres has some amazing topography and neat coves and nooks.  We’ll have to give you more info about our site at some point.

Mountainsider’s continued their mini adventures today and one group tried their hand at mountain biking and took on some manmade skills that we’ve created here at camp.  Erik and Lydia worked the crew today on riding different terrain in the attack position which is a necessary skill to learn when riding in our mountains on single track.  It’s a good skill to have even if you just ride in your neighborhood or across the playground to join a friend.  They also got a workout on the two camp trails.  One is a bit tougher and challenging and the other is good for beginners who are just starting to learn single track.

The kayakers are getting familiar with their boats and doing wet exits.  That’s when you roll over and literally fall out of the boat and up to the surface.  It’s first good to try this without a spray skirt and then to try it with the skirt.  We had Mountain Dancing for Brookside in the Lodge tonight and the Hillside listened to Tajar Tales on the Gatehouse Green.  Riverside left for their adventure today and will be in Linville Gorge through Friday.  If you’re traveling tomorrow drive safely and have a wonderful holiday.  Stay tuned!