Fourth of July at GV – The Best!

Dear Parents & Friends,

Can I even possibly remember all the things that have happened here at camp today?  We started off with Paul Revere riding through camp awakening us to the fact that the British were coming.  I think they are already here and working in our ranks!  Just before breakfast a group of Southerner’s came riding into town (GV) along with Paula Deen, that famous restaurateur and cook to greet our campers and staff.  She had cooked our breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, grits, biscuits, jelly, fried bread, applesauce, orange juice, and blueberries and strawberries for that red and blue color of spirit.  After breakfast we danced on the Green to some of our favorite tunes from across our states and famous artists old and young.  Everyone had on red, white or blue and some even had their faces painted.  Our actual  day was quite normal and it just seemed that the meals were the interesting times that touched our history and tradition.  Just before lunch we visited the Wild West just in front of the GV Saloon where the meanest orneriest bunch of no goods were just getting in a card game and there was almost a shootout when some Californians  came by just in time to spread a little peace and bring those hoodlums to a higher state of the peacenik realm.  It was though the 1860’s met the 1960’s.  I love the way you can time travel when you’re at Gwynn Valley.  Lunch was about the ethnicity of our land as the melting pot of cultures filled our palettes with Rueben sandwiches, Greek salad, Italian pasta salad, fruit cocktail and ham and cheese for those non Rueben lovers.

No rain today but rumblings in the distance kept us on our toes in the afternoon.  All afternoon activities were right on schedule and most everyone stayed on camp property today.  Mountainside had a day off from their mini adventures and had sign-ups this morning and afternoon.  Those campers who are attending their first year of Mountainside sometimes miss Main Camp sign-ups and it’s nice to offer those up.  Riverside continued their climbing exploits in Linville Gorge.

Just before dinner tonight there was a commotion in Boston Harbor (our lake) as several British Warships were docked for the night.  Some Boston citizens dressed as Indians crept aboard the vessels and proceeded to throw all the tea cargo overboard.  Yes, you guessed it, the real Tea Party.  Dinner  tonight was Clam Chowder, Cod Fish with tartar sauce, green beans and squash from the garden,  rolls, baked beans, and two kinds of pie –apple and pumpkin.  After supper activities helped run off some of that food.

Campfire tonight took us across the US by air and on board with American Airlines.  Campers and staff were a part of every skit and stopover we made as we flew across the country.  We started off visiting the South again and helping to judge a beauty pageant that was underway in Mississippi.  We learned all kinds of things about the South and its people.  From there we went deeper into the south and west through our largest state of the lower 40, Texas.  Don’t mess with Texas was evident as we learned all about line dancing.  From our state of TX we moved to the California coast and fell into a dream, kind of like California Dreaming.  Wasn’t that the Mama’s and the Papa’s? Then it was on to the Midwest where one could see only corn and wheat fields and again we learned all kind of cool facts about the middle of our country.  We zigged and zagged back north to the Boston area (weren’t we just there?).  Patriots, Red Sox’s, Celtics and Bruins took us through Beantown, accents, and the home of Car Talk.  To wrap things up the whole staff sang This Land is Your Land to the campers and just before we dismissed a flash mob broke out in the crowd among the American staff and they sang and danced to Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus.  A truly fun day ended at around dark and then fireworks by our Maintenance Staff.  It will be hard to top 2012’s celebration of our Nation’s Independence but we seem to do it every year.  Thank you campers and staff for all your parts in the program throughout the day.  Stay tuned!

PS   Just posting a video for your viewing pleasure