Farm Friday and Baby Calves

Happy Friday everyone! Our maintenance team has been hard at work mowing grass, taking care of cabin repairs, building benches for our dining room, and much much more around camp. Last week they got another task added onto their long list of things to do to get ready for the summer. Can anyone guess what it could be? If you guessed calves, you got it right! We got our first round of calves. So now our Farm is really feeling like it’s almost ready for summer. We’ve got the tunnel house full of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, basil, and chives and fields with rows of carrots, potatoes, sweet corn, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. The calves are being fed three times a day to make them big and strong. 

When we started the Farm program we wanted to use it as an additional tool to help educate our campers and even our staff about where their food comes from and sustainability, while also giving them the opportunity to play with some baby animals. Besides, who can say no to some baby calves that suck on your fingers, or some goat yoga? What are your favorite things about the Farm? Do any of you have a garden at home? What sort of plants are you planning on having this summer?