Farm Campfire!


We just finished our farm campfire (evening program) which was great fun with skits, baby animals, a band, stories, and a little dancing. Our farm staff hosted it and our performing arts sign up activity put on a wonderful short play about vegetables and teaching children how delicious brussel sprouts, broccoli, lettuce, and peas are. The actors did a great job and there was lots of cheering for certain veggies! It is amazing how we learn to try new foods at camp that we have helped to harvest especially when our friends around the table are eating them. We had 12 baby piglets born at the farm two days ago and two of them came to the program along with two baby goats, a couple of ducklings, and a couple of chicks. The band performed “Home Grown Tomatoes”, a Gwynn Valley classic along with some other bluegrass tunes. It is one of my favorite evening programs. It’s always great to learn more about the farm and celebrate our farm to table program.

Tonight’s dinner was an example of what great food we eat and what we grow on the farm. We had chicken pie, rice, along with green beans and corn on the cob from our farm. For dessert we all enjoyed carrot cake made from carrots harvested by our campers and farm staff. We raise over 20,000 pounds of vegetables each summer and all of our campers learn what plants look like, how to harvest certain vegetables when they are ready, and how to care for the many animals at the farm. It is such a wonderful opportunity for experiential learning at its best.

The Health Inspector showed up this morning for our inspection around breakfast time and I am happy to say that we did really well with a 98.5 A grade. They visit lots of areas of camp including some cabins, our Health Hut, the Stables, and of course our kitchen. 

It was a good day at camp with lots of sign up activities both in the morning and afternoon. Sign ups included lake fun, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, archery, kick ball, horseback riding, the Farm, the Mill, pottery, tye-dye, nature, pool games, and capture the flag. Lots of fun and learning had by all.

Mountainside and Riverside are on their second day of adventures and hopefully didn’t get rained on too much today. We did have a couple of showers but were fortunate at camp to not have too much rain. The weather can vary here in the mountains where we might not have much rain at GV but it pours in Brevard or Pisgah Forest. The MS paddlers had a great second day on the Green River and their instructor, Chris said they really improved today. Gaining skills each day is an important part of going out in the field for four days along with building resilience, confidence, and sometimes pushing oneself when the trail is challenging.

Tomorrow is another day of opportunity and fun both at camp and in Pisgah National Forest, Dupont State Forest, and Linville Gorge where our climbers are camped and climbing. Although the days seem long at camp they seem to fly by rather too quickly. Can’t wait to wake up and see what fun and adventures are in store for us tomorrow.