Family Camp FAQs

Will there be child care?

Unfortunately, no. In an effort to promote the health and safety of everyone involved, children must be accompanied by at least one adult from their family at all times.

Can I bring pets?

No. The logistics and dynamics of life at camp make it impractical for Gwynn Valley to host pets. Please leave your furry friends at home.

Can our family visit with other families?

Definitely! However, to minimize the possibility of disease transmission, we encourage all guests to maintain adequate physical distancing throughout their stay. This includes staying at least six feet away from other families (including children) as you’re socializing, minimizing time spent with other people in spaces with limited ventilation, and not visiting another family’s cabins.

I know that GV is normally a “screen-free environment.” Can adults and children use phones or laptops during family camp?

One of our goals for family camp is to create a space where folks can be fully present and connected with the people and land around them. It’s a wonderful opportunity to unplug! We understand that some parents may need to work while attending Family Camp or may use their phones to take photos, but please try to embody our technology-free and screen-free philosophy whenever possible.

Is there cell phone reception at Gwynn Valley?

Yes. AT&T has good coverage at GV and there is service in many areas of camp. Verizon tends to work fairly well, but reception can be spotty.

If I need to use my laptop, is there wi-fi and a place I can work?

Yes. If you need to access wi-fi and/or use your laptop or tablet, the best place to do it is at your family’s assigned table in the dining hall. Most tables do NOT have access to a charging port so we recommend charging your laptop in your cabin. There is no wi-fi reception in cabins.

Can you accommodate my family’s dietary restrictions?

Probably. We regularly offer dairy free and gluten free options as well as vegetarian alternatives. We can also work with some severe food allergies. If you have questions about dietary needs, please contact our office.  In the registration form there’s a space where you can tell us about your family’s dietary needs. 

Can we bring our own snacks and adult beverages?

Yes. We will provide the following: three meals a day in our dining hall, coffee and tea in the morning, and snacks at your table in the dining hall periodically throughout the day. If you would like your own drinks, snacks, or adult beverages, please plan on bringing them.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Mice, raccoons, and other critters are attracted by food, and we prefer that they stay OUTSIDE of cabins and NOT eat your food! So, if you bring food into your cabin, PLEASE STORE ALL FOOD (and food waste/wrappers/trash) IN HARD-SIDED CONTAINERS. We will provide a plastic “snack bin” in each cabin for this purpose. You’re welcome to bring your own cooler to store your snacks and beverages (and keep them cold), or you can store food in your car and retrieve items as needed.

Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages at Gwynn Valley must be 21 or older. You may not participate in any GV program activities after consuming any adult beverage. Please drink responsibly.

Can our family leave Gwynn Valley while camp is in session?

Of course! After all, this is your vacation, and you’re welcome to spend it however you want. For instance, you could head into Brevard late on Monday afternoon to eat at a favorite restaurant, or wake up early Tuesday morning and drive to an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway to watch sunrise, or leave right after breakfast on Wednesday to spend the day biking in Dupont. There are dozens of good options. We’ll have recommendations and maps about great hikes, bike rides, swimming holes, waterfalls, and other outdoor attractions. 

If you DO choose to leave Gwynn Valley during family camp, we respectfully request that you maintain good hygiene and physical distancing practices to reduce the risk of exposure to your family, as well as other families and staff at Gwynn Valley when you return.

What fun activities can we do outside Gwynn Valley before, during, or after Family Camp?

Western North Carolina has endless opportunities for adventure and enjoyment! Within a short drive from Gwynn Valley there are dozens of state and national forests, restaurants, breweries, and unique stores. Opportunities abound for hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, climbing, tubing, rafting, and more in parks and forests such as Pisgah, Dupont, Gorges, Caesar’s Head, Chimney Rock (plus rivers such as the French Broad, Tuckasegee, Green, Nantahala, and Pigeon).

Currently, North Carolina is in Phase 2 of our COVID-19 reopening. Many restaurants are open for take-out, and some have limited eat-in dining; reservations are required. In Phase 3, more restaurants and shops will likely open. The following sites have the best up-to-date information on closures and offerings:

  1. – A great site for all the wonderful offerings in our county including local restaurants.
  2. – A regional site that covers area attractions, Asheville restaurants/breweries, and more.
  3. – Henderson County and regional offerings more specific to Hendersonville. Includes Hendersonville restaurant information.

Will there be airport pick ups available?

Unfortunately, all Family Camp attendees must be able to drive themselves to camp. Due to risk of exposure, we ask that families not fly into or out of our area.

Family Camp Guidelines and Reminders

  1. Quiet hours are from 9:30pm to 8:00 am.
  2. Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times.
  3. Pets, tobacco products, firearms, and illegal substances are not allowed.
  4. Smoking is prohibited at Gwynn Valley.
  5. Swimming at the pool and swimming and boating at the GV lake are only allowed when a lifeguard is on duty.
  6. A PFD must be worn at all times in the lake, except by lifeguards performing distance swims.
  7. Anyone riding a bike on Gwynn Valley property must wear a helmet.
  8. Alcohol is permitted in accordance with all North Carolina state laws. Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages must be 21 or older. Please drink responsibly. You may not participate in program activities after consuming any adult beverage.