Enjoying the Sunshine!


Yesterday, we were still a little damp here at camp, but spirits were sunny.  I must admit that we’re all very excited to have sunshine today! I popped around to lots of camp activities yesterday and found that everyone was happy with whatever activity they were in.  Waterfront was rocking because you didn’t notice the rain if you’re already on the water and in the water.  Kayakers were learning to wet exit which is always wet and those who were swimming in the lake also found that the lake water temp was warmer than the air temp.  The secret was dipping every so often and not too long out of the water.  It certainly helped to have hot chocolate for breakfast in the morning to start our day. 

By the way, yesterday was Australia and New Zealand day here at camp, which meant that all three meals held tight with those countries’ food themes.  Our breakfast was a sandwich made with eggs, cheese, and various condiments and kind of you build it and eat away.  The highlight of the meal was a chance to sample some cheese puffs that had Vegemite in them.  If you’ve never tried Vegemite, in addition to brewer’s yeast, vegemite contains concentrated extracts of onion, malt and celery. Vegemite also is made up of salt and several different types of Vitamin B (thiamin B1, riboflavin B2, niacin B3 and folate).  It’s a bit heavy on the salt and if you like anchovies you might like Vegemite.  I would say that maybe one in thirty campers can tolerate its distinct taste. Of course this is all voluntary and one could sample a cheese puff or could spread some on a piece of bread.

Campers are pretty resilient in so many ways but foods can be their trigger.  We do our best to have at least a couple of items each meal that can not only fortify them but fill them. The farm produces a lot of good vegetables and some of them are gobbled up. At lunch we had green peas with shepherd’s pie (peas were separate), and the children gobbled them up along with roasted potatoes and fruit. At the evening meal we had Chicken Parm along with broccoli and the broccoli from the farm went begging. I would have thought that peas would have been less popular but they fared better than broccoli. I ask a lot of questions about food at my table and always want to know what the camper’s favorite foods are. I get a variety of answers and most agree that many forms of pasta are their favorites. Of course most everyone loves our desserts which was one from New Zealand at dinner last night called Pavlova. It’s very sweet and rich with lots of egg whites (meringue-based), fruit and whipped cream. I personally like camp’s banana pudding better, which is similar in consistency. Frankly, I’m just really grateful to have someone cook for me each summer and our kitchen does a fabulous job each year.

But enough about food.  Rain lasted through the day and all activities were full on. Running and playing traditional games like soccer didn’t happen yesterday because of the slippery surfaces. Basketball, volleyball, badminton, thunderball, climbing, biking and of course many varieties of waterfront were busy all day long.

Today, spirits have been high and everyone is enjoying the sunshine and blue sky! Riverside’s last day of canoeing was canceled on Wednesday due to the rain and river levels so they left this morning to go paddle the Nantahala River. I look forward to hearing about their day at dinner this evening. By the way, we posted Riverside photos last night so be sure to check them out! 

Mountainside is continuing with their mini adventures, sampling canoeing, backpacking, climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking. I enjoyed hearing about the fun on the lake as they tipped over in their canoes to do a T-rescue afterwards. 

There has been a lot of laughter today and a little bit of silliness as we all enjoy learning and playing together! It’s funny how kids don’t seem to mind the rain and like to play in it but after several days of it, the sunshine brings out the best in all of us.

Stay tuned!