Eclipse at Gwynn Valley Was Spectacular!

Parents and friends,

The recent solar eclipse at GV was spectacular.  We hosted several groups of friends and family who scattered themselves all over the property where there was an open view.  We had a few clouds, but were able to see about 95% of the evolution to totality and back which was amazing.  See video link here:  Eclipse at Gwynn Valley

With camp over, it’s been too quiet around here.  Our last post-camp work staff are leaving today and tomorrow as we’ve properly closed camp.  The next big event will be registration opening on Sept. 1 and later on we’ll be hitting the road for our annual promo tour.  We’ve got some great video footage from the summer that we’ll be bringing on the road of every session as well as an update to our promotional video.  Also expect to see the newest version of our annual “You Rock at GV” video.  I think you’ll like it.

As the fall and winter approach there are several big projects in view.  We hope to have a new website up and running in Oct. and will be building a new staff cabin on the Brook.  We lost some staff housing with our new construction of dining room and kitchen last year and need to replenish some space for the coming summer.  We’ll keep you posted on other happenings as they occur.

Thanks for sharing your children during our 82nd summer here at GV.  Anne says it was our best summer ever and I tend to agree.  Hats off to our staff who made it so and many thanks to all who contributed in so many ways.  Hope that you and your family has had a great start to the school year.  Let us know if you have camp feedback and stay tuned!