Day Two – Discovery and More!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Another great day with beautiful sunny skies today at GV!  We started our Discovery activities and there was so much to offer including: Mountain Biking, Climbing, Whitewater Kayaks, Camping Skills, Fire Building, Outdoor Cooking, Shelters, Weaving, Candle Making, Gourds, Kumihimo, Pottery, Farm, Mill, Appalachian Tall Tales, Appalachian Music and Dance, Horses, Nature, Archery, Soccer, Creek Hiking, SUP Boarding and Water Quidditch. Those were just this morning.  The afternoon brought almost as many activities but a bit more concentrated, like hunting for salamanders under the Lodge.  I know it sounds a bit sketchy, but you can walk under the building and “Forget Me Not Stream” runs under the Lodge and empties into the Lake.  It’s a great habitat for crayfish and sallies.  Our morning was cool and the soccer field has a lot of shade which promotes the perfect “pitch” for playing hard when it’s hot everywhere else.  Near the soccer field is one of our mountain bike skills areas and is right next to the climbing wall.  Bikers were warming up on the skills area and climbers were ascending the wall with Main Camp on two sides and Mountainside occupying the harder of the three sides.  They (MS), are getting ready for their adventures by trying each of the four adventures they will chose from later in the week.

Riverside took off early this morning to begin their climbing component at Foster Falls in Tennessee.  With the hot weather, climbing near the bottom of a waterfall is a good place to be.  I’m sure they will take advantage of daily swim opportunities. Main camp held after supper activities and then we had about a third of camp camping out tonight.  Another third joined Debbie and me in the Lodge for some Mountain Dancing.  The remaining third of Main Camp played Border Patrol which is a spy stealth type game.  Young Leaders held their own campfire in the Pavilion and the theme there was Leadership.  Each YL’er spent some time writing about leadership in their own lives.

It was a full day and I could just see it at dinner as some campers got some food in them and just slowed down to a crawl.  I’m betting that most everyone is lights out asleep after the day we’ve had.   You can bet that dreams will be vivid and imaginations will play heavily into our sleep world.  Camp is such a big outdoor place and creates so much in our brains as we take in the smells, sounds and touches of nature.  It’s sensory multiplied and our minds and bodies are going all the time in our active human powered world here at camp.  Creativity is the process of realizing our imagination with action. It sets the processes in motion that bring a new idea to life.  Most of us think of imagination and creativity in terms of entertainment or the arts, but creative people use their resourcefulness in any situation, starting at a very young age. Pretending and make-believe comes naturally to children, who create whole worlds in the blink of an eye. Pretending is where children first learn to engage their imagination and express their creativity.  Children who are encouraged in imaginative play, making art, or solving problems and puzzles are more likely to use this creative thinking with confidence as they grow.  In every field of work or study, imagination and creativity are assets to growth, positive change, and success. We’ve all heard the phrase, “think outside the box?” Creativity and imagination are essential to being more collaborative, open, and accepting of others. I believe that this allows children to see the big picture, learn to take initiative, and find a way to get things done when no one else can find a solution.

Learning to explode and lift your front wheel

We start this right away by simple things like handing a child a piece of wood and some string to make their name tag.  Simplicity breeds creativity at camp.  In our techno world we need more imagination and all the things that keep children age appropriate.  The good life at GV and the simple joys of childhood – you can’t beat it.  Stay tuned!

Mountainside at the Wall!