Day 2, A Session

June 12, 2010

The magic of camp has begun in our first full day of Session A.  I just left campfire and the finale to our introduction skits.  Camp is now quiet and is well on its way to sleep as we had some great times today.  It was our first full day of program with the weather cooperating throughout and all activities going full steam ahead.

Paddling was a cool item today with the temps so high.  It was the place to be for Mountainside as they started their mini adventures as well as Main Camp there for their kayaking and swimming.  In between when no one was using the lake Riverside came down for a session on the lake with me before they leave for their climbing segment to Linville Gorge.  They’ll be gone through Wed and we’ll hope for good weather and lots of climbing.  Archery was aiming for a full house all day and got it.  We had our first bull’s eye in the beginning of morning program.  I don’t remember what cabin the young man came from.  Mountain bikers traversed the property all day long both for the Main Camp program and Mountainside.  Some of the folks rode the trail to the top of the mountain while others worked on skills on flatter terrain.  We have two excellent instructors working with the bikers named Erika and Erin.

We also left our cabin groups at meals and everyone is sitting at a new table getting to know one another.  As we talked around the table everyone told one thing about themselves that was true and one thing that was not.  We had to guess which was which and it was fun. We learned a lot about one another in the process and had fun doing it. There was a good bit of fun at the climbing wall today with Mountainside and Main Camp.  The Arborist Tree climbers were also ascending the big Poplar tree just outside the Gate House (office).  Everyone learned a good bit about knots and enjoyed ascending the ropes using two knots they learned.  The campers learned to tie neat knots because “a not neat knot is a knot not needed”.  That’s one of those little things the campers learn as they dig deeper and climb higher into the skills.  Putting on a harness and being able to check all your systems along with a counselor is a part of learning what it takes to clamor up the wall or the rock.

Lighting and learning to build a good fire in the woods is another important skill for camp and OLS was providing that training today.  John Post is our resident outdoorsman and has worked in several programs at GV.  The farm with all its animals was also a favorite today.  What camper doesn’t want to feed a baby calf or goat and feel the satisfaction of picking the vegis for the evening meal in the dining room.  Our farm is the best and children really love all aspects of it.

This friends, was just an inkling of our typical day at GV.  We’d love to tell you more but we do want you to enjoy all the stories that will be shared around the dining room table when your children return home.  Part of that magic is that parents aren’t here and the campers are relying on one another and great staff to guide them through each day.  We hope your day has been as enjoyable as ours!  Stay tuned!