D Session Opening

Dear Parents & Friends,

A great day for an opening of D Session and thank you for bringing such a great batch of campers.  We hope you are safe and sound at your destination.  We just finished our first night of cabin skits and will return tomorrow night to complete all the cabins on Hillside and Brookside.  Our Mountainsiders and Riversiders hold their own campfires in their own quarters.  Our day started with your arrival and everyone coming down to lunch for a buffet at noon.  Dinner tonight was the traditional first night dinner of Macaroni and Cheese with salad and fruit cocktail.  To top things off each cabin got a giant, and I do mean giant, chocolate chip cookie at their table.  It had their cabin name on it written in icing.  At the end of the evening meal we celebrated 3 birthdays at camp and those wearing the birthday hats had the whole dining room sing to them tonight.  After dinner there was cake for the whole cabin.  Cabin Laurel Wood took some liberty to smear a little extra icing to create chocolate beards. Those Laurel Wood girls are going to be a lively bunch.   They’ve got great counselors which translates to having a great cabin experience. That’s where camp begins and ends each day and that sets the tone for the rest of camp experience. We’ll talk more about that later.
Jumping back to the afternoon everyone got right into program almost immediately.  The waterfront was very active because it was a warm day and because we always hold our swim assessments the first day of camp.  We need to know how well the children swim so this helps with placement in various activities based on their comfort in the water.  These days most campers are good swimmers but we still have Aqua Games which teaches confidence and builds strength in the water.  A favorite this summer has been a GV form of water polo where you swim with a noodle and play polo.  It’s fun, good exercise and the campers love it.  It’s just one part of our activity for those who need to improve their swim strokes and confidence in the water.

Birthday Beards!

Activities that were running today were Climbing, Texture Crafts, Horseback Riding, The Farm, The Mill, Fine Arts, Crafts / Pottery, and Sports.  Campers also signed up for their Discovery Activities today.  They will take those four activities through Saturday which last for 3 days each and happen every other day just in the morning.  The Discovery activities are as follows: Farm/Mill, Horses, Archery, Climbing, Creative Writing, Basketball, Weaving, Fine Arts Musical, GV Rescue Team, Web of Life, Gourds, Mountain Biking, Pottery, Outdoor Living Skills, Printmaking, Jackson Kayaks, Felt Making, and Aqua Games.  The afternoon has 2 more hours of activities and hosts sign-ups each day.  These can be 1 or 2 hour activities and there’s no limit to the possibilities.  Staff can provide a one time activity or several of the same over the week. This should be a great week as the session begins.
Riverside leaves tomorrow for their climbing trip and they are going to an area around Chattanooga, TN.  They’ll be gone through Thurs of this week.  Riverside has a nice tradition that started this year where the previous session writes letters to the session coming in. It was fun to read some of those today.  Maybe we can print a few or take some excerpts from their letters. Mountainside starts their Mini-Adventures tomorrow and will take a break mid week and continue at the end of the week.  As the session progresses, we’ll have more and more trips out for all three programs including Main Camp.  We look forward to reporting on those and hopefully have some photos up. Stay tuned!