Counting the Days and Because of Camp!

As I was coming to work this morning I heard an old song that probably none of you campers have ever heard or even heard of the group – The Moody Blues.  Some of your parents may remember them. The song that was playing was called “Lovely to See You”, and soon we will be seeing you.  Several more staff arrived today as we prepare the site and the organizational aspects for the coming summer.  Everything has been in full bloom and the rain we’ve been having has answered a need from the 3 years of drought that we’ve experienced.

Biker Dan was out at camp today to work on some bikes.  You’ll see a little bit of him this summer as he has commited to racing on the local circuit and beyond.  He’ll be helping us with the mechanical aspects of our program.  Rick James arrived today from being all over the globe and will be back to work on Mountainside in the climbing program.  Alice Lysaght who worked with SIT’s also arrived today and will be tapped for her many talents this summer.  Sarah Wakefield is here and will be on Mountainside this summer along with returning head counselor Laurie Jacobs.  Overall and including support staff, we’ve got 73% of our staff returning this summer.

Camp is really all about the people and relationships that are created by our camp counselors or leaders.  They are the ones who really make a difference in a child’s life.  Day in and day out here at camp when you see campers and staff interacting you realize it’s not so much all the great activities we have here at Gwynn Valley, but the way in which the children are being led in those activities and the relationships that are being formed through mentoring by the staff.  Our human powered activities provide an environment where everyone comes to the table with different skills and talents and our staff are the ones who guide the children in discovering what those talents are as well as building on what is already there.  Gwynn Valley has a great facility nestled in our little cove in the Western North Carolina Mountains and super activities, but what makes it really magical are the staff who work with the campers. That, my friends is the BONUS! Great staff create great experiences for children at camp.  Take a few seconds and check out this short clip of some folks you may have heard of who think camp has been an important part of their lives.  See you soon!