Color Me Tie-Dye

Dear Parents and Friends,

Did you see the colors on those tie-dyes in today’s pictures. Those are some bright bold colors.  Tamara and her staff are doing a great job with the arts at camp.  If you’re wondering why we don’t have as many pictures up today it’s because our power went off this evening.  We had some storms roll through about 4:00 but despite it all many cabins were still able to cook out and camp out.  It was a beautiful cool evening after the rain went through.  Several boys cabins came down to the Green tonight before campfire just to run and play tag with their counselor.  What youngster doesn’t want to chase and be the first to catch their counselor.  It’s ageless play at it’s best.  I chuckled as the staff raced around the field for a long time after finally collapsing from exhaustion into a heap with boys piling on yelling “we got you”.  This is the thing that memories are made.  It’s making camp DNA as we create the many memories from all the cool things that happen each summer at camp.  Tonight at campfire we hosted our second group of cabins that hadn’t danced and listened to RB read from his Tajar Tales.  The children were so quiet as he stood in front of a blazing fire and talked about how the Tajar loves to dance in pale moonlight.  Even the oldest campers on Brookside still wonder about that magical mystical creature and pay reverence to the younger campers by their silence when the stories are told.

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Wed.  We’re getting some folks in Main Camp ready to head out on some out of camp trips tomorrow and they should have a great time in the process.  It looks as though we’ll have a group of  bikers and paddlers go out tomorrow and Thurs.  We’ll see if we can get some pictures.  Mountainside chose their adventures tonight and will be leaving on Thurs. to begin their time away.  They will be playing outside and growing inside with the skills and independence that they experience while out.  Riverside comes back from their climbing trip on Thurs. and I’m sure will be ready for a home cooked meal and hot showers.  Stay tuned!