Closing Day of A Session… MS1A & RS1 still going strong!

Dear Parents and Friends,

It’s hard to believe that our first session of the 2015 summer has already ended! The families of our A session campers started to arrive after breakfast. Happy reunions were seen all over camp this morning as children ran into the arms of their parents and showed them their favorite spots around camp. Cabin groups (and their families) had a final friendship circle in the cabin and then went down to the lodge for our Closing Campfire. Through skits and songs, farm and mill reports, and recaps from our head counselors, we do our best to summarize the session and help parents understand everything that has happened over the last week. Of course, it’s hard to explain the magic of camp to someone who has not lived it, but we do our best to try.

Today was also a closing day for our first week of Day Camp. Parents and grandparents gathered this afternoon for their Closing Ceremony. Much like the Main Camp Closing Campfire, campers sang songs and performed skits to explain all the fun they had this past week!

MS1A Mountainside campers are still out on their Adventure, and we eagerly await their return tomorrow! For tonight, only Riverside campers and our A–>B Session gypsies are still in camp. These two groups are doing their best to take advantage of all the wide open spaces around GV. I forsee some excellent lake time tomorrow. Everyone will have their own tube, kayak, stand up paddle board, and canoe!

It’s fun to have the run of camp, but we are really looking forward to having a full camp again on Sunday when our B session campers will arrive!