Celebrating the Tajar’s Birthday!

Dear Parents & Friends,

We’ve got the best group of SIT’s this session.  If you don’t know what an SIT is, it’s a Staff in Training.  These folks are all previous campers and all are entering either the 11th or 12th grade.  Their leader who is Erin and hails from New Zealand came up with the Super SIT Leadership Challenge.  This is a day when camp provides these young people the chance to extend and expand their leadership skills during the session.  This is just one step as they get closer to a time when they can become full fledged staff.  Our SIT group this session consists of Lydia, Kerris, William, Luke, Jamie, Topper, Mary Elizabeth, Shannon, and Emma. These folks are at camp for 3 weeks.  They are assigned to different cabins and work very hard in the dining room and kitchen during their stay.  Over the past several years it’s become very competitive to be in the running to become an SIT.  Those who apply early before the new year have a better chance of getting in. We salute all these wonderful young folks as they will one day be GV’s counselors of the future.

As I work backwards from this evening, it was a wonderful Tajar Ball tonight.  Supper was a picnic and was served on the B-ball court.  We had burgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings.  Everyone came in costume as you can see from the pics and after dinner we proceeded to the soccer field for a Carnival. There was Face Painting, Frisbee Toss, Soccer Shootout, Strongman Bell Ringing, Fortune Telling, The Fidget Ladder, Bingo, Hay Rides, Baseball Throw, and of course ice cream, popcorn, and drinks were served.  Everyone had a chance to do anything they wanted while there and you could go to any attraction you wanted.  It was quite an evening and everyone had a great time and I’m sure will sleep well tonight.

Main camp campers went out climbing, biking and paddling today and every group had a super time.  I don’t think every group had a camera but a couple did.  The climbers went to the South Side of Looking Glass, the bikers to Dupont, and the paddlers (kayakers) went to section 2 of the French Broad.  There’s a good bit of logistics getting children out of camp and on these trips, but well worth it.  We live in such a beautiful area and have so many resources we can utilize.  Some of our better horseback riders took a ride over to the Hunt Farm today.  It’s a great place to ride and one that we’re building some more trails on as we speak.  Mountainside helped out with a little trail building a couple of days ago.  It’s hard work and Shrimper Khare is a local trail builder that helped the boys and girls that day.  He’s built other trails at camp and done a super job with placement and making them very appealing to riders and runners. More Main Camp campers will go out tomorrow on a sit on top kayak trip so hopefully we’ll have some photos from that group.

Riverside returns tomorrow after 4 days of paddling and Mountainside goes on their second day of training and getting ready for their adventures.  We’ll look forward to having Riverside back in camp before they depart for Backpacking next week.  There’s never a dull moment at camp – Stay tuned!