C/C-1 First Week

Dear Parents & Friends,

If you didn’t see a blog up last night it was because Anne and I had time off.  Mr. and Mrs. Camp Director need a bit of time off once in a while too.  We were back in the saddle again today to a full day of sunshine and clear weather.  What little rain feel yesterday fell mainly to the north of us in downtown Brevard.  It looks pretty clear the next few days but hopefully we’ll get some rain next week.  After the first full week of camp you can tell that children are getting a little tired in the evening.  We held a dance tonight for Hillside and they were very active during the dance and once we sat in our cabin groups you could just tell that it was time for bed and see the melting in their beds by the time they reached the cabin.  They danced the Blue Bird Song, Going to Kentucky and the Paddy Cake Polka.  I was tempted to call a Virginia Reel but not tonight.  We’ll have a bit of sleep-in tomorrow morning (wake up bell at 8:30 and breakfast at 9:00).  Tomorrow is “Special Day” and we’ll have to see what’s in store for the day.  Tomorrow night we’ll show the finals of the World Cup.  I think most of the campers who want to see it are pulling for the Netherlands.  We’ve been playing a good bit of soccer here at camp.  There was another big game this afternoon when I passed by the soccer field.

With the weather a bit cooler today it was a good day to try the Tri-Trail-Challenge.  I thought this up last summer but was never able to get it organized.  In the afternoon we have a two hour program period of time that can be one two hour or two one hours.  I thought we could take a group of interested campers to walk, jog, run to the Wall property, come back to Main Camp, walk, jog, run to the Rock, come back to Main Camp and finally walk , jog, run to Conesstee Falls and back.  OLS John and Web of Life Emily took 7 campers and pulled it off.  They were:  Noah – SR, Max – SR, Jake – SR, Sloan – DW, Lily –  DW, Ben – AL, and Emily – BR.  Noah, Max and Ben did it in 1 hour and 38 minutes.  There’s some big elevation changes and at the top of two of the trails there’s a hand over hand rope you have to use.  These camper wer the first in the History of GV to take on this challenge.  We’ll have to measure the distance they walked and ran but I’m pretty sure it was around 4 miles and maybe 2000‘ of elevation change.

You’ll find some pics from the Riverside adventure in Linville Gorge.  They returned on Thurs. and had a great time.  Beautiful weather and good climbing conditions.  Baby chicks on the loose and in the grass was happening today at the farm.  They’re so little and fluffy.  Our baby animals here at camp get lots of attention and probably grow up thinking that the campers are their parents.  We’ve also got a couple of nests of barn swallows that are living just above the campers head in the chicken coop.  Their babies will soon be leaving the nest.  After our campers leave the GV nest they will receive a cabin photo which we began taking this past week.  You’ll see a few of these that were taken today.  Look for those in the winter time when camp is far from your mind. Coming up on Monday is our play production.  I was listening to them practicing today in the Lodge.  Stay tuned!